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Rh'vaurek i-Ihhliae tr'Khnialmnae
Rank: erei'Riov erei'Riov
Title: Military Advisor / Attache-at-Large
Race: Rihannsu
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire (Galae)


Rh'vaurek i-Ihhliae tr'Khnialmnae was born on ch'Havran to parents Fveirollh and Ael of the hfihar s'Khnialmnae. Fveirollh served as a 'warden' on one of s'Khnialmnae's many hunting preserves on ch'Havran and it was into this unique environment that Rh'vaurek was born. He received a proper schooling as any respectable Rihanha should, but he also learned the ways of the preserve – from the care of the animals to guiding the hunters from ch'Rihan who 'vacationed' there. And it was the hunt that thrilled Rh'vaurek, to the disappointment of his mother who'd hoped her son might become a man attuned to cultured pursuits. Instead he relished his time among the working folk of the preserve and learned whatever he could from them. And what use were letters and numbers when one could single-handedly take down a klivam targ or a Vulcan Sehlat at the tender age of 10?

It was until Rh'vaurek turned 25 years of age (in the year 2335) that he actually left the preserve. That year a troop of Rihannsu enlisted infantry spent a week at the preserve as a reward from their CO. Rh'vaurek wasted little time in befriending them, learning that they'd successfully captured a klivam listening post during a border raid. Their stories of battle and toasting to their fallen comrades mesmerized the young Rihanha. Each day he took them hunting and every night he spent around the campfire or in the lodge hall listening and dreaming. The day after they departed he took transport to the nearest town and enlisted as an infantryman. His father seemed none too surprised. His mother nearly had a stroke.

Rh'vaurek spent the next 15 years learning that the daily life of a Rihannsu infantryman was not nearly as glamorous as he'd imagined. He drilled and he trained in battlefield tactics, but sparring with fellow enlisted was as close as he got to actual combat. And while he learned to accept this life, he began to regret his rash decision to enlist with so little knowledge of what he was signing up for. The year 2350 changed that – the Galae discovered an illegal Breen mining operation on an asteroid belt within Rihannsu space and Command decided that an example would be made. Rh'vaurek and hundreds of other infantrymen were sent in guns a-blazing. It was that day that Rh'vaurek found he had both a talent for fighting and a talent for reading the field of battle. The Breen put up a fight, and a good one at that, but Rh'vaurek not only survived the day but successfully led his unit when their officer fell. Not only were their objectives achieved, they also managed to capture a Breen vessel as it attempted to take off from the asteroid they'd been deposited on. The Ale flowed that night and the next morning Rh'vaurek found himself ousted from the enlisted ranks and made a junior officer.

The years running up to the Borg War were spent branching out from the mastery of battlefield tactics to an understanding of military strategy. When the Borg War did hit, Rh'vaurek found himself integrated into the newly reformed Starfleet Marine Corps as a Captain. And the Borg presented an opponent of the likes he'd never encountered before. Even as he lost count of the battles, he never lost respect for his adversaries. That he made it through the war alive was as much due to luck as to skill, but survive he did. By the time the RSE seceded from the Galaxy Alliance he'd risen to the rank of Major.

Khre'Arrain Rh'vaurek found life within the newly independent RSE not nearly as exciting as his time fighting the Borg. He volunteered for every engagement he could, serving in the Rihannsu contingent sent to aid Starfleet during the Breen War and participating in more than a few 'dissident dispersal' operations. But over the years he began to lose more and more hope that life would be truly exciting again. That is, of course, until the offer came in 2405 when the offer came to join the staff of the Fvillhu as an advisor and military attache at large. The promotion to erei'Riov that came along with it was just as surprising. Little had he known that one of those visitors to his hunting preserve so many years ago would years later become the Fvillhu of the Empire...

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