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Rhiana ir-Mhiessan t'Llhaehnn
Rank: Erein RSE-o1.png
Title: Security Officer, Deep Space 9
Race: Rihannsu
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Galae

Early Biography

Born in 2387 to parents unknown. Adopted at ten months old by H'daen er'Ihhliae tr'Llhaehnn, a sub-administrator of the Mhiessan region, and Nuhir ir-Mhiessan t'Llhaehnn, a diplomat. Four older siblings: Niol, Dhivael, Teelis and Galan.

Service Record

2428 - Graduated phi'lasasam as Erein. Assigned as junior security officer aboard a border space station for the duration of the mandatory Galae service.

2430 - Renewed term of service.

2436 - Accepted into Galae-Bajoran Defense Force joint officers exchange programme. Assigned to Deep Space 9 as security officer.

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