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Ailina Rhos
LTJG A. Rhos (2380)
Rank: Branch Admiral
Title: Inspector General
Race: Angelite
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Command)



During July of 2353, Federation Standard Time, the Rhos household on Angel One was graced with the birth of a new female, one they named Ailina. The birth of this new woman was a wonderous and joyous occasion for the family, neighbors and friends as her mother was nearing menopause and previous attempts to bear children had proved unfruitful, often ending in painful miscarriages. It was their luck that Ailina was birthed so easily.

Around the age of three, Ailina began to show hints of lonliness. During the time children sat together, playing side-by-side, she sat alone, quiet, pondering. Her mother, noting the pain of her daughter, adopted the latest in a line of male children from Ailina's aunt, an infant child by the name of Aaren. Ailina, still being young, did not yet see the lines between the male and the female sexes and found him a wonderful addition to the family, and her father was thrilled. Her mother just found the new addition to be nothing more than a new playmate for her lonely daughter.

As Ailina grew, Angelite social norms were ground into her being. Her adopted brother, growing quickly behind her, began to be not just her friend, but her thorn in her side and though she still cared for him deeply, her nit-picky nature began to develop with each of the young boy's actions. She critiqued his walk, his talk, down to the organization of his bedroom, and the way he would respond to their mother and other important women in his life. But she never did stop loving him.

Twelve years of age and news of Earth's assimilation by the Borg swiftly hit the independant world of Angel One. Along-side the Rihannsu Stelam Empire and the Klingon Empire, the small independant worlds began to come forward and request assistance, joining the new Galaxy Alliance, including that of the small world hanging near the Rihannsu Neutral Zone, Angel One. Women from Angel One, and even some men seeking validation, began to enlist within the vast and changing Starfleet. Ailina, just going into her teenage years, began to look up to these women of heart, vowing she would do the same when she became of age.

Upon her eighteenth birthday, Ailina Rhos left her home on Angel One to Spacedock in orbit of Qo'noS to test for Academy entrance. Within weeks of her testing, Ailina was accepted into Starfleet Academy with a small scholarship. Mother proud, Brother sad but finally free from his nit-picky sister and Father who is just proud one of his own is doing something for the Alliance and Angel One, Ailina left Angel One for the last time and took residency among the other incoming Midshipmen.

Ailina studied hard at Spacedock, training hard in the support operational field of security, specifically combat operations and tactics. She eventually graduated within the top ten percent of her graduating class with a commission as Ensign and assignment to a vessel within the Bajor sector fleet. All was quiet until 2380.

The Breen War had begun and Lieutenant (JG) Rhos was one of many personnel ordered to assist in the Battle of Beerax sector. Debris from seemingly every ship within the fleet floated about upon the visual monitor. It seemed like a no-win scenario. The security teams were arranged just outside the first transporter room, waiting for the okay from the bridge to begin movements to fight back on a face-to-face level.. However they did not make it. Most of the security personnel became part of the bulkhead as the Breen began firing down it's beams on the Alliance cruiser. Ailina Rhos was left with shoulder and chest injuries, yet she survived.

Unable to continue her duties as a security officer, Ailina Rhos requested a transfer to Starfleet Academy on Bajor. It was granted, as well as a promotion to Lieutenant. She was given a position as a combat instructor along-side Lieutenant Davidson-Jonar, Sciences and Hand-to-hand Combat Instructor at the Academy. This assignment did not last long, however, as less than a year later, the Breen began to attack Bajor during their Orb ceremony. Along with the Breen attack, walls began to crumble around Jalanda Province and Starfleet Academy. Working to assist the fallen, she managed to get a few to safety before her own leg was crushed by the falling debris. Out of commission, or so it seemed, Ailina Rhos was stuck in sickbay within the Academy walls along with dozens of other wounded civilians and personnel.

The Lieutenant had two major past injuries, but she was not about to give up on her career. A spot opened up within the Inspector General's office and she found this to be a wonderful move in a new direction. She applied and the job was granted her, working with Captain Alfred Acres, Commanding Officer of the USS Essex. During her time under him, she further engrained the knowledge of protocol, operations and safety.

The Civil War began and at Vice Admiral Ritter's appointment, Captain Acres became Inspector General of Starfleet, Commander Ailina Rhos being appointed by Acres as his Deputy, working diligently under Ritter's rule. Years of fleet training opening her up to the intelligence of the male gender, she worked well directly with the Captain, even becoming, you could say, friends within their professional relationship. Two years into her time as Deputy Inspector General, she recieved a promotion to Captain for her hard work and dedication to the service.

In 2389, the InterGalactic NewsWire reports rang through, message after message. Ailina checked and doublechecked the information presented before her, finding it to be authentic. Before she had time to question, the Inspector General decided to act, confronting the Admiral directly, which in the end, resulted in Acres' own death. Captain Rhos was confused, and disillusioned. What was right? She even debated in resigning her position and rank to return to Angel One. Lieutenant Commander Foster and Admiral Shra'Hawk convinced her further of the truth, as well as to fight to continue on, for the Alliance. At Admiral Richard's request, she was granted the position of Inspector General of Starfleet and the rank of Commodore. And the rebuilding of the alliance begins.

Service Record

  • Y-blank3.png 2371 - Joined Starfleet Academy, specializing in Combat Operations and Tactics
  • Y-o1.png 2375 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy as an Ensign (O-1)
  • Y-o2.png 2377 - Promoted to Lieutenant (JG) (O-2)
  • Y-o2.png 2380 - Injured and hospitalized during an attack against the Breen
  • Y-o3.png 2380 - Transfered to Starfleet Academy as a Combat Instructor, and promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
  • Y-o3.png 2381 - Injured in the attack on Jalanda Province, Bajor
  • R-o3.png 2381 - Joined the Inspector General's Office under Captain Alfred Acres
  • R-o4.png 2384 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
  • R-o5.png 2386 - Named Deputy Inspector General by Captain Acres and promoted to Commander (O-5)
  • R-o6.png 2388 - Promoted to Captain (O-4)
  • R-o7.png 2389 - Named Inspector General of Starfleet after Acres' death, and granted Admiral Candidacy (O-7) by Admiral Richards
  • R-a1.png 2390 - Promoted to Branch Admiral (O-8)



  • Breen War Ribbon
  • Freedom War Ribbon
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Letter of Commendation (***)
  • Letter of Distinction
  • Security Certification
  • SFA Faculty Emeritus
  • Weapons Certification
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