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Ricordati (2397)
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Title: Science Officer
Assignment: USS Defiant
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)



The family of Cardenio Ricordati hails from Florence, Italy, the only child of a local college professor and a nature photographer. Just prior to the Borg War, his parents were able to evacuate from Earth, just narrowly being assimilated, before finally settling down on a small Terran colony. Growing up, Cardenio worked hard with his family to survive, (mostly herding furry quadrapeds for the local populace) but found in his spare time reading the many databases his father brought with them from Earth, and gazing at the photographs his mother made of a home in Italy Cardenio never knew. He learned from his parents to speak English and French as well as his native Italian. Cardenio, in general, began a life-long love affair with learning. Eventually, he did go though university, studying a bit of every subject, but finding his love with science, nature, and archeology. On the side, he enjoys the outdoors, finding an escape in anything outdoors, from short walks in the park, to extensive month-long treks in the mountains. On cold nights in the wide valley watching his flock, he would read stories of action, adventure, and exploration, listening with intent of stories of Starfleet and worlds out past the great beyond; it is this interest in exploration and the sciences that has led him away from the life of a teacher and scholar as his father had wanted for him.

Cardenio has just graduated university, and is eager to explore the outside world. One of the first things that he decided upon graduating was to join up with Starfleet. He had read many books, including those by Charles Darwin, and he dreams of becoming a naturalist much like Darwin was on the HMS Beagle. Because of this, he seeks to join up as a Science Officer, travelling from star system to star system, exploring and making new discoveries. For the past 2 years, he's been working in a library on Bajor part-time to pay off bills, quietly reading up on his unfulfilled passions; high energy physics and the study of ancient cultures and peoples; it is only natural that someone of his age and experiences seeks to know everything he can about a universe prior to the destruction of the Borg War. Cardenio has a deep love of science, especially esoteric physics, and a curiosity in all subjects fueled by years of self-schooling.

Cardenio has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and this is reflected in his diverse areas of scientific interest- biology, chemistry, physics, and the like. He sees himself as becoming a naturalist, studying the universe around him and exploring on a ship much like a young Charles Darwin did. He's a bit of a bookworm, however, and prefers working in the order or a clean laboratory to the chaos of an away mission. He does, however, revel in the outdoors, and is an avid hiker, camper, and rock climber. He is a romantic, loves armganac, and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. Cardenio, however, tends to be very idealistic, and somewhat reserved in his opinions, at least at first. He also can be a bit naive at times, but perhaps that is to be expected of someone who chooses to study all of the sciences, instead of just one aspect. Based on his background, however, Cardenio's studies would most likely lead him into a course with Physics as his major, but a softer subject such as Anthropology or Archeology as his minor.

Service Record

  • C-c1.png2394 - Entered Starfleet Academy. Major course of study in Physics.
  • C-c2.png2395 - Sophomore year. Getting bored with only studying Physics...
  • C-c3.png2396 - Junior year. Begun double-major in Anthropology.
  • C-c4.png2397 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with double major in Physics and Anthropology.
  • C-o1.png2397 - (Stardate 75111.17) Commissioned as Ensign, reported for duty aboard USS Shutsugun as Science Officer.
  • C-o1.png2397 - (Stardate 75864.35) Re-assigned with the crew of the USS Shutsugun to Deep Space 9, awaiting further duty assignment.
  • C-o1.png2398 - (Stardate 76239.48) Re-assigned to USS Defiant as Science Officer.
  • C-o1.png2398 - (Stardate 76505.92) Named Acting Chief Science Officer, USS Defiant.
  • C-o2.png2398 - (Stardate 76525.48) Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.



  • Restricted Line Officer
  • Scanner Certification
  • Science Certification
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