Rihannsu Stelam Shiar

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Rihannsu Stelam Shiar
Rihannsu Stelam Shiar
(Romulan Star Empire)
Official Language: Rihannsu
Race(s): Rihannsu
Type: Interstellar Republic
Capital: ch'Rihan, Eisn Sector
Head of State: Fvillha Mandukar'us tr'Hlaveen
Legislative Body: Deihuit (Senate)
Military Organization: Galae
Org Wizard: Armstrong
Org Royal: Huxley


The Rihannsu Stelam Shiar (abbrev: RSE, RSS; trans: Romulan Star Empire) is the Roman Empire of the Trek Universe. Social and political intrigue characterize the life of a Rihannha in service to the Empire. Mistrustful of outsiders and bound by the uniqely Rihannsu code of honor known as mnhei'sahe, the Rihannsu are a fierce, proud people with an ancient culture. The Empire is surrounded on all sides by its enemies, but even the Galaxy Alliance and its hosts of warships fear the prospect of war with the Rihannsu. The Rihannsu's solitary position in the galaxy demands every ounce of cunning and wisdom from those who serve it, but few ever fail to deliver.

You will find players in the RSE quite the opposite of their characters, however--while most Rihannsu are constantly concerned with their social and political status and ambition, we are always eager to make new players feel at home, and to help them develop a character with hooks into existing characters and plots. It's easy to imagine the stereotypical Rihannsu -- the grey-suited, plain-faced, backstabbing archetype -- but you will find information on the great differences between Rihannsu of different noble houses (also known as hfihar) and Rihannsu of the 'lesser' castes (nothing drives RP like having something to prove!). Rihannsu politics often spill over into the Imperial Navy, or the Galae, and they are certainly no less absent from one of the galaxy's most feared spy organizations: the Tal Shiar.

The RSE is one of the biggest, most underdeveloped stories in Star Trek. We've taken the intrigues of Caesar, Gladiator, Mark Antony, Leipidus, and Shakespeare and incorporated them into our faction. For more information, see the next section on character templates and the noble houses -- you won't be disappointed.

Although the Rihannsu Empire comprises many worlds and several races, most of the "focus" on WNOHGB is on the Rihannsu government and military. The Empire is heavily militarized, and the Rihannsu government is a tremendous, monolithic thing with its tentacles in almost every part of Rihannsu life. Consequently, we do encourage new players to create characters that belong to the Galae, or the Imperial Navy; however, you are certainly not required to play a 'combat' character of any kind -- it just so happens that our PCs happen to be on warships, and so you should be, too!

It is important to understand that most of the RP and fun that one can have in the RSE does not come from having some rank or job over another one. Belonging to or being involved with the Galae is merely an excuse for our PCs to interact with each other -- the real meat of Rihannsu RP is in what cannot easily be seen in @who or @finger: each character's relationship to the hfirnn, or noble houses, their own ambitions (military, political, or economic), and the fragile webs of alliance and tentative trust they craft amongst themselves.

We encourage players interested in non-military characters to play Independent Rihannsu and to contact RSE staff to work out a plausible character concept. We want make sure that everyone has an active group of players, but we also do not want to pigeonhole people into the miliary. RSE staff will help you design a concept that fits into the many webs of Rihannsu life and the noble houses. See News RSE Characters for help on creating a Rihannsu character concept.

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