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S. Jameson Riley, M.D., Ph.D.
Rank: Commander 2410 SF O-5.png
Title: Commanding Officer, USS Laibok (NCC-90213)
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)



Little is known about this man's heritage except that his biological parents were Betazoid and served on a merchant craft. When he was only months old, the ship on which his parents served was ambushed by pirates and destroyed. Having been placed in an escape pod by someone aboard the vessel in hopes that he would be found by someone friendly, the child was the lone survivor of the attack and was recovered by personnel aboard the USS Cherokee.

Nameless, homeless, and orphaned, the infant was taken in by the Cherokee's Terran Chief Science Officer, Colin Jason Riley, whose expecting wife had been either killed or assimilated by the Borg late in the War. Repeated attempts to obtain information about the child's remaining family and his heritage turned up nothing from the Betazed government, suggesting he either was not born on the planet, was not born to a noble family, or that his birth records had been lost in the chaos that ensued after the Borg War as families made their way back to the planet. So, when all attempts failed to reconnect the child with his biological family, Colin Riley adopted the nearly year-old infant and gave him the only name he has ever known: Samuel Jameson.

Samuel Jameson Riley grew up as the child of a Starfleet officer and spent most of his childhood aboard starships and other military installations. His adopted father was an expert in astrophysics, and so Jamie spent much of his youth hearing explanations from his father of this stellar phenomenon or why theoretical physics failed to explain some other spatial thing. As a result, Jamie's interest in explaining why things work was cultivated for as long as he can remember.

Jamie's childhood was otherwise relatively normal until shortly after his 11th birthday, when his telempathic abilities began to become active. Although genetically Betazoid, he was culturally Terran, and Jamie had little experience with his kind or with his peoples' abilities. Consequently, he struggled with his increasing awareness of others' thoughts and emotions, and the once extroverted child turned inward and nearly shut out everyone closest to him, including his adopted father, believing he was somehow defective as a result of his newfound abilities.

Concerned for his son and likewise unaware that Jamie's telempathic abilities had developed early, Colin began having Jamie routinely meet with the Vulcan counselor at the deep space research facility where he was stationed. Jamie revealed little of his inner struggle, and several weeks passed before it became apparent what was happening. During a counseling session with Lieutenant Sarvok, Jamie inadvertently focused his untrained telepathic energies on the Vulcan and psychically assaulted the man's prefrontal cortex, causing the counselor to have a seizure and inflicting moderate, but reversible, brain damage on the man.

Aware, at this point, that Jamie was struggling with his telepathic abilities, Colin Riley turned to the only Betazoid stationed at the deep space facility, an engineer named Darin Riixana for help. The woman, a middle aged and childless widow, eventually agreed to help Colin with his troubled son, and over several months, she taught the boy what his abilities were and how they can be used.

Still, Jamie found it difficult to control his psychic energies, likely because they were left untended for so many months. Focusing on every day tasks became more and more difficult as he learned to single out particular threads of thought and emotion from the people around him. When he recovered, Sarvok returned to his role as counselor, and concluded the only logical course of action, given that traditional methods for training the Betazoid abilities was proving unsuccessful, was to teach the young boy Vulcan meditation rituals.

Realizing, of course, that traditional Vulcan meditations designed to purge and control emotion would warp the development of a child whose race is adept at understanding emotion, Sarvok adapted the meditations to train Jamie's mind in logic and in focus. After another year of mentorship under Sarvok's patient hand and Riixana's guidance, Jamie emerged with his telempathic abilities developed and controlled while his intellect had been keenly honed toward systematically understanding the things that surround him.

As Jamie moved into his adolescence, Colin figured his son would be better served by being surrounded by other children close to his age. Satisfied that Breen War had drawn to a successful close, the Lieutenant Commander requested, and was granted, a transfer to the science faculty of Starfleet Academy. After a round of tearful goodbyes with Sarvok and Riixana, Colin and Jamie left for Spacedock just before Jamie's 15th birthday.

Shortly after settling into their life on Spacedock, Jamie realized he was in a quite unique position. Equipped with his native Betazoid abilities and a Terran cultural facade, Jamie consistently had the upper hand in most social situations. He used that to his advantage when picking friends, and quickly developed a close group of three Terran boys his age. Together, the four of them raised all manner of chaos and mischief, although Jamie was rarely caught or, at the very least, blamed, for actions he often masterminded.

Jamie and his group of friends' behavior earned them a reputation in high school for being troublemakers, and he was well on his way to causing more trouble than he could handle until, suddenly, Riixana appeared after repeatedly seeking a transfer to Starfleet Academy between Jamie's sophomore and junior years of high school. Apparently, the woman had bonded with Jamie more than she let on, and her stern manner brought discipline to the youth's behavior.

Pleased to see her return, and having become quite enamored with Riixana as he watched her mentor his son, Colin Riley soon began a courtship with the Betazoid woman that resulted in their marriage before the start of Jamie's senior year of high school.

By this point, Jamie had decided he would follow in the footsteps of his adopted father and mother by joining Starfleet, in spite of the horror he witnessed during the Freedom War. He did quite well in school thanks to the intellectual training he received from Sarvok, and seemed to excel in math and the sciences. After he graduated from high school with highest honors, he promptly applied to Starfleet Academy and matriculated in the next class.

Having already identified his aptitude in the sciences, Jamie loaded as many science classes into his coursework as he could while taking required entry level classes. The young cadet poured hours into his studies, and selected a science specialty in quantum mechanics.

At the end of his sophomore year at the Academy, Jamie realized that with the return of the Borg and other threats on the rise, a career in theoretical science might not be as practical as something whose results are more tangible. So, Jamie considered his options and settled on moving into a primary career in medicine, recalling the efforts of the physician at the research facility of his youth that permitted Sarvok's recovery.

While Jamie poured himself into his work, he also poured himself into his extracurricular entertainment. The mischievous and rambunctious streak from high school reappeared, although his actions at the Academy were far more tempered than they were when Jamie was a teenager. Consequently, he more than lived up to his adopted Irish heritage, and while he was not promiscuous in the most traditional sense, he earned a reputation for moving from one partner to another with great frequency.

Once Jamie's cadet tour was completed and he graduated from the Academy, he continued to his advanced medical training aboard Starbase 427, where he completed both his internship and residency. During his practical training as a physician, Jamie began to apply his training in quantum mechanics to medicine, looking to understand how medicines worked on a quantum level, and hoping to discover methods for making them more effective. Similarly, he pondered how to refine the medical tools with which he'd been equipped to increase their precision and accuracy.

The young doctor's aspirations for research were not unnoticed by his superiors at Starfleet Medical. After receiving his medical doctorate from Starfleet Academy's School of Medicine, Jamie was placed at the prestigious Heisenberg Institute on Earth, where he continued his studies of quantum mechanics. After successfully completing and defending his thesis on the electrohyperactivity of medicines and their effect on the body, Jamie graduated from the institute with his Ph. D.

Armed with both a Ph.D. and a medical doctorate, Jamie was reassigned within the fleet, and his adventure through life continues.

Service Record


  • 20. Space Medal


  • Medical Equipment Certification
  • Medical Triage Certification
  • Scanner Certification
  • Science Certification
  • Staff Corps Officer
  • Tzenkethi War Ribbon
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