Riot in ch'Rihan

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IC Date: Thu Jun 2 2405

Ramnau, ch'Rihan -- What started as a peaceful display of support for incumbent Praetor tr'Aegis has turned violent today as supports of former Praetor Mandukar'us tr'Hlaveen led a counter display. tr'Aegis supporters were demonstrating outside of the office of the Ramnau mayor demanding to know why a Senatorial vote has yet to occur, urging their local law maker's offices to push their Senators to a vote.

Supporters of tr'Hlaveen showed up at the demonstration and began accusing tr'Aegis of murder, treason and extortion. Tensions flared and violence ensued. Praetorian guards arrived shortly on the scene, 30 demonstrators in total were arrested from both sides of the demonstration, 2 demonstrators were killed and several injured.

When asked to comment, the office of the Praetor issued the following statement:

"Brothers and sisters of the Empire, civil unrest must come to a closure. We are to proud of a people to be fighting each other. While this office is eager to see the Senate do the right thing, we encourage representatives of each noble house to not make their votes in haste. We ask of you to be patient with the Senate and it's representatives to allow them to reach the right decision when it is time, not when it has been forced."

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