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Inaji Risot
Vital Statistics
Rank Ri'ta Gul
Title Head of the 1st Order
Race Cardassian
Gender Female
Affiliation Cardassian Union, (Central Command, 1st Order)


This light-grey skinned female stands quite tall and with a solid frame. She's roughly 6'1 with broad shoulders, a lean midsection and long legs. Rising up the sides of her neck are two thick vertical neck ridges with a pale blue blush decorating the third rung of the ridges, that recede back to the crown of her head, with a tear-shaped ridge in the center of her forehead. The center of the tear-shaped ridge has been tinted with pale blue makeup and dark black eyeliner and mascara decorate her grey eyes. Immediately above, a thick ridge surrounds her eyes creating a rather deep-set appearance to her eyes. Her lips are decorated with a reddish colored lipstick. Jet black hair is pulled back into a tight bun, which has a definite militaristic look about it. She has a rich, deep and powerful contralto voice that is confident and strong. There is a definite authority and presence in her tone of voice and even in her facial expressions, which rarely seem to be anything but a stoney gaze or one of disdain. When this Cardassian woman does smile, her face does not soften, there is still a strong confidence in her smile and eyes that could be interpreted as her having great pride or ego.

Her uniform of choice appears to be the standard duty uniform of a Madrasad officer. She wears a black and charcoal-grey accented triangular-ribbed cuirass with broad, military shoulders and wide neckline. This outer cuirass appears to be comprised of a rubber-like memory material which sits above a inner mesh-like material which is charcoal-grey and fits snugly against her body and can be seen under the half-sleeves of the upper cuirass and around the midsection and legs. Inscribed in gold on the upper right section of the cuirass denotes the name: Risot and a silver o[==> to denote the rank of Gul. The legs are clad in charcoal-grey mesh pants, which have been armored slightly at the hips and thighs, held up by a holster belt for a weapon. These pants are tucked into a pair of neatly polished and thick boots.


Inaji Risot was born in the city of Culat on Cardassia Prime in 2367 just a few short years prior to the end of the Bajoran occupation. Her father Tal Risot sat on the Detapa Council and her mother Jila Risot taught the Sciences at the University of Cult. As early as she can remember, her father would talk to her about her Uncle Aamin, who served as a Glinn in the Madrasad and was killed by Bajoran revolutionists not long after Inaji's birth.

Her father deeply admired his brother Aamin and because of this, spoke up Madrasad service to Inaji her entire life. Like most children, Inaji was placed in all of the intensive mind training programs. Since her father so deeply desire for her to have a career in the Madrasad, he used his influence to get her placed into these training programs at quite an early age.

Inaji's youth was spent towards the dedication of becoming a Madrasad officer, she had very little friends and only a pet Wompat (Karsi) to keep her entertained when she was not studying and physically training. She spent a great deal of time doing rigorous physical training and by her teen years, she had already tamed and trained her own Riding hound, which she would ride in the outskirts of town to hunt wild Gettle.

When she was finally old enough, Inaji was transferred to the planet Kora II where she studied to be a command officer at the Cardassian Military Academy. With her Uncle Aamin's legacy and her father's position in the Council, she was able to over come the minor gender bias and managed to graduate as a full command officer with honors.

Her first military position was at the rank of Glen as an Operations officer aboard the KMV Kornaire with the Madrasad's 3rd Order. The mission of the Kornaire was to patrol the Amleth system, which was a relatively uneventful aside from a few skirmishes with pirates that attempted to use the nebula. Her service on board the Kornaire was noted by the Gul in charge and she was soon promoted to Gil and was given a spot as the vessel's second officer. She spent several years on the Kornaire, until she had eventually gotten promoted again to Glinn and transferred off to be the executive officer on Kopok Nor where she would serve until her eventual promotion to Gul and awaiting her newest assignment.

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