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Doctor Ro Ilya
Rank Ensign
Title Medical Officer, SBR Faikaru
Race Bajoran
Gender Female
Affiliation Bajoran Navy

Ro Ilya was born in the the West Quadrant of Jalanda on Bajor in 2388. Her father, Ro Kava and mother Ro Ana had lived on Bajor their entire lives. They were originally simple farmers in the Kendra Valley, but when her mother had become pregnant with her, the Ro family had moved to Jalanda to give their daughter a better life than they had. Ilya's childhood was rather non-exciting. She went to school, went to the Temple, and played just like other children. She had a keen interest in medicine and the arts. She studied dance and was a wonderful seamstress. As a teenager, Ilya would help her mother pay the bills by sewing things and doing simple repairs on suits and dresses.

Originally Ilya had been raised to become a Starfleet officer, but after the secession it wasn't certain if that would be the best course of action. So Ro Ilya had went to medical school instead. She spent a great deal of time in school, working obsessively and she had quickly proved herself to be quite the Doctor once she had finally gotten out of medical school. She had excelled in medical school, and one of the main things that she had decided to study was cybernetics. Ilya wanted to do everything she could to help out survivors of the occupation and their children with deformities and missing limbs. She'd worked very hard to treat old combat injuries. Eventually she had gotten a grant from the fledgling Bajoran government to open up a prosthetics clinic, where she worked on victims of war and terrorism to help them gain limbs back that they had lost. She was a greatly devout Bajoran, and felt it her mission to take care of those in need.

Unfortunately, her clinic had become the target of terrorist violence when the Circle had decided they didn't appreciate Dr. Ro Ilya's assistance against their victims. It was destroyed in 2410 and it was something that destroyed her emotionally. She became exceptionally angry at the Circle and decided it was her mission to do what she could to fight against them. That is why later that year, she enrolled in the Bajoran Defense Force Academy and decided to become a Doctor in the Navy.

Academy life was hard, but she found that she enjoyed it greatly. Ilya excelled in all of her studies and after all was said and done, emerged from the Naval Academy and Naval Medical training school with flying colors, ready for her first assignment.

Service Record

BDFN-O-1.png 2416 - Graduated the Bajoran Defense Force Naval Academy.
BDFN-O-1.png 2416 - Assigned to SBR Faikaru as Staff Physician
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