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Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Section: Trade Division
Race: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance (Rikon Defense Force)

Chief Petty Officer Ro'kei serves in the Trade Division of the Rikon Defense Force, under the command of Captain Mordechai W. Tracer and the owner, Commodore Joaquin Vaquero.


Born 19 years after the assimilation of his home planet Vulcan to a mother barely old enough to remember it herself and both parents lost to him two weeks after he was born, in the bombing of the Rihannsu capital of ch'Rihan in 2385. His parents having relocated to Rihannsi after their homeworld was overrun with the Borg. It was only years later he learned why they had chosen Rihannsu as home rather than one of the Vulcan settlements; his father, Rekan, was a historian, focusing his efforts on the time of Surak, primarily on the separation of the Rihannsu from their home planet. After the assimilation of Vulcan and when the Rihannsu opened their borders to allow Vulcans to join their society, it was only logical to relocate there.

After the death of his parents, Ro'kei was raised in an orphanage on the Rihannsu homeworld in a small village just outside of the capital city. But his stay there was limited to only four years, until his father's eldest brother, S'vec, made arrangements to have him removed from the planet. S'vec, unlike his brother Rekan, was a devout follower of the teachings of Surak, and was obligated to ensure his nephew had the opportunity to choose for himself. However, due to the politics of the time, removing Ro'kei from Romulus was difficult, hence the elapse of the four years.

Ro'kei grew up in the care of his uncle and extended family on the planet Koranis IV, in Klingon space, not far from the Klingon homeworld. Several Vulcan settlements were established there after the assimilation of Vulcan as the surface conditions are similar. Never wanting for anything, Ro'kei attended school along with his cousins, achieving moderate grades but never fully challenging himself, nor achieving his academic potential. He also frequently struggled with his emotions, strong as they were, they often got the better of him.

Two weeks after his eighteenth birthday, on the anniversary of his parents death, and after some brisk planning, Ro'kei left his uncle's home in search of something, what he was never sure, he only knew something was missing, intangible as it may be. He wandered the deserts of his new homeworld, stopping in villages and towns only when the need arose, but still he did not find it. He decided to leave the planet and begin his search amongst the stars. He bartered with a Tellarite trader for passage, working aboard ship to pay his way. It was only then he discovered how difficult life in space can be, especially aboard a small freighter, but the life suited him, and he became very profficient at it. Over the next 20 years Ro'kei traveled to various worlds, not always on the same ship, nor serving the same captain, as most tend to stay in their region of space, and he wanted to search as much as he could.

Until most recently where Ro'kei served aboard the Marienetta, so named be her captain after a long lost love. The Marienetta was enroute to Deep Space 9 when it ran afoul of a spacial anomaly, all hands were forced to the escape pods. However, Ro'kei's pod was damaged and limited to maneuvering thrusters. Four weeks adrift in space, nearly starved, until finally arriving at Deep Space 9. His search continues...

Service Record

  • Dec. 9, 2425 (Stardate 102938.1) - Hired: Crewman, Rikon Defense Force RDF-E-1.png
  • Dec. 10, 2426 (Stardate 103942.1) - Promoted: Petty Officer, Rikon Defense Force RDF-E-5.png
  • Dec. 10, 2426 (Stardate 103942.1) - Assigned: CCV Nuntius, shakedown cruise, RDF
  • Apr. 13, 2428 (Stardate 105282.1) - Promoted: Chief Petty Officer, Rikon Defense Force RDF-E-6.png
  • Apr. 13, 2428 (Stardate 105282.1) - Assigned: CCV Vulture, Commanding Officer, RDF

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
A Casual Chat (RP Log) 23 July 2014 Carey, Ro'kei
Wedding Gift (RP Log) 27 August 2014 Muireann, Ro'kei
An Encounter with a Petite Brunette (RP Log) 18 October 2014 Garett, Ro'kei
Iscander and Falling Buildings (RP Log) 19 December 2014 Carey, Dihon, Jakthor, Ro'kei, Vrillak, York
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