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Alexa Roberts
Rank Ensign
Title Operations Officer, USS Entropy NCC-82243
Race Betazoid
Gender Female
Affiliation Starfleet , (Exploration Command)


Alexa, being born on Betazed, led a simple life for the first few years of her life. Her parents, Josaline and Markus, gave birth to her on the twentieth of September, 2397. She was their only child and was the only subject of their love. While not being incredibly wealthy, their family had enough to get by. This money was spent on Alexa, of course; she found herself with the latest toys and, as she grew up, the latest gadgets.

During her childhood, she grew more and more accustomed to the technological world. By the age of seven, she gained a proficiency in programming that most would take decades to gain. By fourteen, this prowess caught the eye of StarFleet, who asked her to participate in a project. Ever since, StarFleet has had a place reserved for her at the Academy.

She was always at the top of her class, showing an incredible interest and expertise in Mathematics. However, one thing she did lack were social skills; this became more and more apparent as she grew older. She was an outcast for most of her life, keeping to herself, reading books and using her computer to pass the time.

On her eighteenth birthday, she recieved a letter from StarFleet Academy, inviting her to study in the following academic year. She didn't hesitate in replying with her answer, seeing this as her chance to do great things. She started off with a major in Operations, the closest division in StarFleet which fitted her interests.

Over the next four years, she flourished in her classes and was consistently getting the highests grades each year. She even managed to overcome her natural lack of social skills and join a very close group of friends; having her first romance in her second year.

She discovered many things about herself during her academy years. At first, she had a very powerful fear of spaceflight, though that quickly subsided as she started to get used to the new environment. One thing that still causes her skin to crawl is the medical bays; for some reason she just cannot handle being in a sickbay, no matter if she is being treated or not.

She has a very keen interest in the books produced in the twentieth and twenty first centuries on Earth. Particular among these is Japanese mangas, which she discovered during her academy years and never quite left behind.

Post graduation, she joined StarFleet Operations proper and is currently waiting to be assigned to a vessel. She hopes she will be able to explore the universe and do some good to it.

She was assigned to the USS Corbett for her training voyage. She impressed the captain quite a lot on this voyage and she was quickly promoted to Ensign and assigned to the USS Enterprise.

Before she left with the Enterprise, she spent quite a lot of time on Deep Space Nine for shore leave. It was here that she met her lover, Vannor Brieth. The two blossomed together, quickly becoming attached to each other.

When she did have to leave with the Enterprise, it almost heartbreaking for both of them, but they managed to communicate even over the long distance that separated them. When Alexa went out to deliver mail and get resupplies from Deep Space Nine, she had brought many gifts for Brieth. Chiefly among these was an engagement ring, Alexa and Brieth were now officially engaged.

When she returned to the Enterprise, she found herself even more struck by homesickness than usual. By the recommendation of the ship's counselor, Alexa was transferred off the Enterprise and is now currently serving aboard the USS Entropy.

Service Record

Y-c1.png October 2414 - July 2415, started studying at StarFleet Academy, majoring in Operations.

Y-c2.png October 2415 - July 2416, second year at StarFleet Academy.

Y-c3.png October 2416 - July 2417, third year at StarFleet Academy.

Y-c4.png September 2417 - December 2417, training voyage aboard the USS Corbett.

Y-o1.png December 2417, graduated StarFleet Academy.

Y-o1.png January 2418, transferred to the USS Enterprise.

Y-o1.png May 2418, transferred to the USS Entropy.

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