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Roleplay Log
22 Feb 2014

Roian Los is walking quietly, his thoughts lost on the PADD in front of him. He walks casually through the Habitat Ring, noting each of the quarters lightly on the pad. The Habitat is quieter, with fewer people moving about as most are out on the Promenade at this time.

Along one of the curves sections of the Habitat Ring, the lead singer of a ridiculously famous rock and roll band is slumped with his shoulder against the bulkhead. He looks up towards Los as the Bajoran approaches him, revealing deeply bloodshot eyes. Mercury pushes off the bulkhead, attempting to straighten himself up, the stumbles into the opposite bulkhead. It takes him a moment to realize what happened, but once he does, he yells in a thick accent, "Oi! Whose a god a rock & roll such as myself have to get arseholed to get a room around here!"

A frown furrows on the Betazoid's face as he watches the Terran who is obviousily intoxicated, or worse on drugs. His hand reaches to his ear, tuning something before walking cautiously over to Mercury. Lieutenant Los hmms a little, calling out several feet away "You would need to speak to the quartermaster, sir. Luckly for you, I am the quartermaster. Can I be of some assistance?" He inquires, still keeping the distance from the man. His hand has not left his ear either.

Mercury seems to be working his way up the corridor, from wall to wall, as he crosses the corridor once again with a few steps forward and a stumble. He catches himself against the wall on his shoulder, his wide eyes still on Los, "Yes." He speaks slowly now, as if taking Los' question as a lack of understanding of his initial request, "I said. In plain English." Deep breath. "Take me to the man or woman whom I, as a god of rock & roll, would have to get totally trashed in order to get a room on this station. Did ya hear that? Should I, perhaps, turn it up a bit?"

There is just the slightest of movements done by Roian Los that places him in a casual, but defensive position as Mercury continues his approach. "And, as I have said, sir, I am the quartermaster. If you are seeking a room, I can get you assigned to one." The Betazoid attitude and body language remain neutral, however, he does open his mind to be receptive of the Terran in front of him.

Mercury holds up a hand, "No! No..." He then continues calmly, "You ain't listenin', and it's startin' to piss me off." He speaks even slower now, "Who do I..." He raises himself off the wall, executing his signature double pelvic thrust which he can do in essentially any state of mind or health. Each thrust is punctauted with a word, "Talk. To." He crashes against the bulkhead again, but then regains what composure he has, "To get a room around here." During the last part, he flaps his hand like moving lips. Maybe he got the gestures wrong? Then again, maybe he didn't...

The Betazoid sighs heavily. This was going to be a long evening after all. "Me." He says simply enough dumming down his sentences to that one simple word. "Plain ol' me." He repeats

Mercury blinks, his face twisting up into a sneer a moment later, "Why didn't you say so?" He then gestures down the hallway, "Show me to the Rock God Suite."

Raising the PADD, Roian reviews it before nodding "This way." He replies, his tone neutral. His hand waves back behind Mercury, towards Section C2. Only after Mercury begins to walk, does Roian follow.

Mercury sneers, but otherwise doesn't say anything as he straightens himself up and then stumbles a few steps forward while walking into the wall. He pinballs from wall to wall, moving through the habitat ring with all the noise a man of his size can possible muster. At each impact, there's a grunt and and oof and occassionally a long string of cuss words ending with a number of disparaging remarks about the size, shape and general consistency of the station itself.

using his free hand, the Betazoid pinches his eyes. A soft sigh escapes his lips as he walks behind Mercury as they head towards C2.

Habitat Ring - Section C2 [Deep Space 9]
The accomodating corridor leads around the habitat ring, passing countless quarters and apartments. The red carpet, sharp angles, and dull grey/brown walls are the signatures of the Cardassian design.

Mercury continues banging crashing and cussing his way through the station, taking one moment to put Das Boot to a door that has particularly gotten in his way. He falls over backwards in the process, taking about five minutes to return to a standing position. When he gets back on his feet, he holds still for a moment and then shouts, "I'm ALIVE!" Back to stumbling his way through the habitat ring.

Los considers locking Mercury in his quarters once they are assigned. He shrugs on it as he watches the drunkard fall. He starts to help, but stops as he considers for a moment that the man could be dangerous. Finally, after a few minutes longer, they come to Quarters C201. "Here." He says flatly, waving a hand to the quarters "Here is your is your Rock God Suite." He says in a dry tone that would impress a Vulcan.

Mercury turns to stand in front of the door, his ears perking up as the door slides open behind him. His eyes focus on the PADD in Los's hand, and he reaches out to snatch it with lightning quickness. He makes quick work of signing an autography right across the front of the PADD, in sharpie marker (who uses that anymore?!) He hands the PADD back to Los, "No more autographs please. Have the conierge check on me every 24 hours. If I die, I'll start to stink." With one final sneer, "Now piss off!" With no further preamble, Mercury's eyes roll into the back of his head, and he deadfalls backwards into the door. As the dust settles, one can hear a quiet snoring coming from the rock star. Except for a snort and a fart as he scratches his nethers.

Roian Los sighs as he looks to his PADD "I really did like this PADD." He mutters, glancing to mercury sleeping on the floor then to the door panel. A shrug "Couldn't hurt." He says quietly to his previous thought as he pressses a few buttons and the door slides shut with a snap of a forcefield. Turning, the Lieutenant walks back towards Section A, accessing the log files to have a medical officer clear Mercury before allowing him out and in to public.

The door leading to Quarters C201 slides open.
Mercury leaves for Quarters C201.
The door leading to Quarters C201 slides closed.

A forcefield fizzles as it snaps into place in Quarters C201.
A smooth British-accented male voice says, "Quarters C201 secured."

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