Rogue Starfleet Vessels Destroy Entire CU Fleet

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BAJOR - Hours ago, an exchange between Cardassian and Starfleet vessels led to the total destruction of 31 Cardassian battleships inside Cardassian space. The Starfleet vessels, referring to themselves across public subspace channels as the Skull Fleet, claim to have separated from the Alliance due to lack of pay.

INW has confirmed that the fleet, led by two of Starfleet's prized new Akagi-class Heavy Cruisers has now taken up position in the Beta Corigulae system. Communication intercepted just moments ago indicate that representatives from the Rikon Defense Force are meeting with fleet representatives at this time.

None of the parties involved have made public statements yet. INW will report more on the situation, including Cardassia's reaction to the destuction of an entire fleet and Starfleet's reaction to the mass defection, as it happens.

(Stardate: 79380.57 - Sat May 19 21:52:42 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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