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How do you accomplish things that aren't codedly possible?

So this is a Moo, it's not purely code like a MUD, and it's not purely POSE/EMOTE/SAY like a MUSH. It's a bit of something in the middle really, a place with commands that do things and with actions and reactions that are born from pure roleplay as well.

One of the things I struggled with, and still do to some extent was "How do I do -insert random non-coded activity-" when there isn't a help file that tells me how, a code that supports that action or its a situation that I don't want to ask other players about IC'ly or OOC'ly due to the fact it would either ruin the surprise, or say it's illegal.

Well I've come up with a few roleplaying Scenarios that I think would be plausible and admin will chime in on yes or no:

Stealing A Ship (Technical Approach)

Please note, before you board a vessel you either need prior approval from the player (IE you were told you could board it or use it in some manner through roleplay) or you must ask an admin prior to actually boarding the ship.

This is example only, Vrih is not a thief and this is an illustration of how you could potentially steal a ship which codedly isn't possible by simple commands, yet is through the use of the @request system.

Public Shuttlebay [Deep Space 9]

The public shuttlebay on Deep Space Nine is not as large as shuttlebays on other starbases within the Alliance. Looking less like a spaceport and more like a single terminal, there is room only for ten shuttlecraft on this deck, with an additional five in repair bays located along the far bulkhead. An alert siren wails to alert personnel on deck that the bay doors are open.

Vessels Landed Here (* = hatch open, C = clamped):

 CCV Andromeda CIC-11628                SSB Chandali BVR-5403
 SS Lovecraft NAR-36512               C Shuttle Palukoo MTIN-2048/01
 SS vas'Sodain NDT-41138              

You see Public Shuttle Schedule here. Obvious exits: [ Central Core <o> ]

Vrih glances at the Andromeda.

CCV Andromeda CIC-11628

Roughly Y shaped, the slipstream looks fast even when standing still. The nose of the small ship runs from a point back to the cockpit viewport and flows into the upswept wings which jut slightly forward and hold the signature SDS adjustable warp sponsons. The hull has been polished to a high shine that glitters in even the most meager starlight.

Vrih goes hmm, as he looks at the ship, "It's not locked he says under his breath."

Vrih makes his way over near two Klingons who are arguing and suggests they handle it like warriors and fight each other, the Klingons take very little goading and eventually are rolling around on the ground throwing punches, kicks and headbutts at one another.

Vrih uses the distraction and the fact that the Starfleet security officers posted in the section are running over and trying to disentangle the Klingons from one another to make his move, he heads to the ship.

openhatch on andro CCV Andromeda CIC-11628's hatch opens.

Vrih boards CCV Andromeda CIC-11628. Main Deck [CCV Andromeda CIC-11628]

The main deck of the fast shuttle is simple but elegant. Carpeted decks cover the standard plating and textured bulkheads painted in earthones start the stylish decor, accented by indirect lighting. Doors lead fore and aft to the cargo compartment and crew's lounge respectively. The airlock and hatch ramp also lead directly from this compartment.

Obvious exits: [ Ladder <up> | Lounge <lg> | Cargo Station <cs> | Exit Ramp <o> ] Vrih enters from outside. closehatch A low whining emits as the off ramp pulls up and the hatch closes.

Vrin looks around a bit and nods, "Not bad..." He moves up the ladder.

Flight Deck [CCV Andromeda CIC-11628]

Making the most of the space of the small vessel, this compartment fulfills a generic role as a 'duty room'. A workbench is present here as well as a locker and data terminal. Rounded viewports give a clear 180 degree view aft of the ship.

You see Data Terminal and Locker here. Obvious exits: [ Cockpit <cp> | Ladder <dn> ]

Vrih continues towards the cockpit.

Cockpit [CCV Andromeda CIC-11628]

The small, comfortable cockpit of the ship boasts reclining pilot and copilot's seats instead of standard seats. All displays are holographically imaged in front of both pilots and secondary displays are available on the consoles, which both sport manual control sticks as well as the standard touchpad controls.

You see Pilot's Console, Copilot's Console, Astrogator, and Viewscreen here. Obvious exits: [ Out <o> ]

Vrih arrives at the cockpit and starts to look around, knowing that he can't access the computer due to not being part of the ships crew, he approaches the Pilot's Console and lays down near it, loosening an access panel.

The Romulan roots around inside the panel for a bit, eventually locating the power cable that routes through the access control chip before going to the actual console's controls. He cuts the cable below the chip, then cuts the cable above the chip, and spends a few minutes splicing the raw cables back together while bypassing the chip completely. He then forces a reboot via the hardware in the console and waits for it to reactivate.

@request Ticket Editor Ticket Editor

Do a 'look' to get the list of commands, or 'help' for assistance.

Now preparing a new ticket addressed to Rihannsu Star Empire. subject Vrin tries to steal this ship. Subject of new ticket will be 'Vrin tries to steal this ship.'. enter [Type lines of input; use `.' to end or `@abort' to abort the command.] Vrin noticed that this ship was unlocked, and decided to try and steal it by creating a disturbance and sneaking aboard the ship, then rerouting it's electronics to circumvent the fact he's not on the crew and power it up and take command of it.

Log follows: BLAH LOG!

. send (Generic message about it being sent to your admin)

So this is very rudimentary, and the admin may require you to roll skills (So try this type of non-coded stuff after you've an approved biography and have @occ-select ed. But this gives you the general idea of what you can do. Now keep in mind that In Character Actions can cause In Character Consequences so you might fail at whatever activity you try. But sometimes the consequences won't be too bad and probably aren't permanent. So best case scenario, you succeed and you've stolen a ship and now need to get it registered to you fully and cover up the theft, which will most likely involve more roleplay and @requests down the road and some street smarts yourself.

To Be Continued!

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