Romulan cries of independence!

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ch'Rihan - Mandukar'us i-Rat'lheihfi tr'Hlaveen, former Grand Admiral of Starfleet and current high-ranking Senator in the Rihannsu Government, today announced his intent to campaign throughout what once was the Rihannsu Stelam Empire. The intent of this campaign is best relayed through the Senator's own words:

"It is time for the Rihannsu peoples to rediscover themselves. The Borg War is over, and now begins a new era for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. A time of cultural rebirth, when we can rediscover that which we fought so hard to preserve. "Today we Rihannsu have an opportunity that we never believed possible. The corruption and deception of the Rihannsu Stelam Empire has been forgotten, destroyed just as the Borg were. The Galaxy Alliance has given us an opportunity to experience freedoms never known to us before. But it has also diluted our souls. For no Offworlder, no matter how loyal or true, can ever experience what we Rihannsu call "mnhei'sahe".

"So it is now that I call upon Rihannsu everywhere to return home, be that Eisn or the colonies. Let us return to the culture for so long protected us, and create for ourselves a new beginning. Let us build a new RSE, one founded on mnhei'sahe!"

Many officials within the Galaxy Alliance seemed outwardly disturbed at this overt display of xenophobia by the Senator, but publicly dismissed him as a radical with no real support. However, the crowds on ch'Rihan seem to tell a different story....

(Stardate: 51019.22 - Jan. 2, 2373 Alliance Standard Time)

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