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Ruairi Eamonn McGregor II
Vital Statistics
Birthdate 4 February 2392 (69094.93)
Birthplace Killarney, County Kerry, Republic of Ireland
Mother Aideen McGregor
Father Ruairi Eamonn McGregor I
Education St. Oliver's National School, 2396-2318
St. Brigid's Secondary School, 2318-2404
Dublin Institute of Technology, 2404-2409
Starfleet Enlisted Bootcamp, 2409-2413
Affiliation Galaxy Alliance
Marital Status Single
Cloverleaf Logistics Personnel File
Position Captain, CCV Iris Hale CIC-46426
Owner-Operator, Cloverleaf Logistics
Time in Service 102118.24 - Present
Ambrosia Inc. Personnel File
Position Executive Officer, BCS Hermes
Provisional Employee, Ambrosia Inc. EdenSquire.png
Time in Service 101559.97 - 102118.24
Starfleet Personnel File
Position Operations Specialist 3rd Class 2410 SF E-4.png
Serial Number RG-735-161
Time in Service 89599.27 - 91011.87

Ruairi Eamonn McGregor II is a former Starfleet enlistee who's hit a string of bad luck, and is now trying to bounce back.


Ruairi Eamonn McGregor II was born on 04 Feb 2392, in Killarney, County Kerry, in southwestern Republic of Ireland. His father, Ruairi Sr., was a Starfleet member of some renown, serving in Starfleet Logistics during the Breen Incursions, earning numerous marks of loyalty for support of Starfleet in general. Ruairi Sr. served aboard NCC-32591 (USS SITAK), eventually re-christened the MTIN-32591 (SBR SITAK), as part of the crew responsible for transferring the vessel to Bajoran control after Bajor successfully declared its independence from the Galaxy Alliance. His mother, Aideen, was a Registered Nurse working out of Valentia Hospital in Killarney.

Enrolling in New St. Oliver's National School was a particular benchmark in his life. Both of his grandparents had attended the original St. Oliver's, which had been razed during the Borg War, his grandfather being a bit of a teacher's pet. Ruairi's teacher, his favorite by far, was Ms. Eabha Reagan, a lovely, grandmotherly type who loved her charges dearly, but brooked no misbehaving. Eabha kept her charges in line without the use of corporal punishment, instead opting to send notices home with particularly well-behaved students, along with daily progress reports.

During Ruairi's time at New St. Oliver's, it became apparent that he was spending more time indoors, studying, than outside playing and making friends. This did not go unnoticed, and the issue was quickly settled by scooping little Ruairi up and depositing him outside. He would run back inside and resume studying, all in an effort to keep from having to socialize, this being one of his shortcomings. He was indeed a wallflower. After several months of Miss Reagan kicking him out of the classroom, he finally gave in and attempted to socialize. His first target was a fiery-haired lass by the name of Aislynn O'Donnell, eyes as green as shamrocks, skin as white as snow. He was smitten with her the instant he set eyes upon her, his wallflower-ness cracking the more he gazed upon her, and she upon him. He remembers her to this day, last seeing her as he moved on from St. Oliver's, and onto St. Brigid's Secondary School.

Ruairi quickly graduated from St. Brigid's Secondary School, and enrolled in the Dublin Institute of Technology. Two years later, he'd learned enough to complete two associate's degrees, one in operations logistics and another in financial planning. Ruairi left home shortly thereafter, riding the proverbial rails around the Alpha Quadrant. Several months later, he returned to Earth, and enlisted with Starfleet, figuring he might as well give them a shot, if nothing else. Ruairi Jr. had been reluctant to join Starfleet, blaming them for not keeping his father safe during what should have been a routine mission. However, he had no other real direction in life and decided to give Starfleet a go anyway. Shortly after making his bones as an Operations Specialist, twenty-four months in, he dropped out of the fleet, and then off the map, having had all he could stomach of the Fleet. He spent the next few years working toward upgrading his Associate's degrees to Bachelor's degrees, testing the waters, and taking up various shovel-ready jobs as he came across them.

Eventually, at the age of 24, Ruairi found himself buddied up with a Corvallen freighter crew, spending several months making friends with the local merchants, and cementing himself as being worthy of trust. At the age of twenty-six, he fell in with a crew of Tellarites who happened to be smuggling felicium under the guise of being a group of archaeological workers transporting precious artifacts, and ended up serving a two-year term in an Alliance prison as a result of his unwitting participation. While in prison, he returned to his studies via correspondence courses, and in-house learning, through which he was able to turn his Associates degrees into Bachelor's degrees.


Stardate Date Rank Entry
102118.24 February 12, 2425 Resigns as employee of Ambrosia Inc., starts up Cloverleaf Logistics aboard the CCV Iris Hale.
101559.97 July 23, 2424 EdenSquire.png [Hired as provisional employee] of Ambrosia Incorporated. Named Executive Officer of the BCS Hermes, under Captain Shintu Onimusha.
91011.87 January 5, 2414 2410 SF E-4.png Promoted to Operations Specialist Third Class (E-4). Drops out of the Fleet due to self-described unsuitability.
90258.45 April 5, 2413 2410 SF E-3.png Promoted to Operations Crewman (E-3).
89599.27 August 7, 2412 2410 SF E-2.png Enlists as Crewman Apprentice (E-2).


Name Status Relationship
Remi Saatchi Alive A semi-regular acquaintance. She designed his latest outfit, all the rage in Logistics.
Roian Los Alive A drinking buddy. Irish guys always need those.
Shintu Onimusha Alive Captain of the BCS Hermes, and his direct superior.


[Drinks Among Friends] -- Stardate 101513.66: Ruairi heads to the local pub, meets an old friend, and makes a new one.

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