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Ruao Sarjanna
Rank: BDFN-O-10.png
Title: Deputy Chief of the Bajoran Defense Force (Navy)
Emissary of the Prophets
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Bajoran Defense Force (Bajoran Defense Force Navy)



She was the child of farmers in the Dakaar province of Bajor. Growing up during the Cardassian occupation, she witnessed her parents murders at the hands of their oppressors. A weakness in one of the Cardassian officers provided her with a means of escape at the tender age of sixteen, where she immediately sought and join a resistance cell run by a man named Nalis. She proved herself to be an excellent small unit tactician by the time the Cardassian withdrew from the Bajoran sector.

When the Bajoran provisional government formed and called to arms all of the resistance cell members, Sarjanna answered, joining the Bajoran Militia with the rank of Major. with her ties to the Bajoran people, she was immediately asked to assume command of the floating mining station in orbit of Bajor, known simply as Terok Nor.

Service Record

  • Stardate 113036.51 (14 JAN 2436) - Resigns Starfleet Commission
  • Stardate 113037.15 (14 JAN 2436) - Accepts commission as Admiral in the Bajoran Defense Force Navy. Appointed as Deputy Chief of the Bajoran Defense Force for the Navy.


Bajoran Honors (2436-Present)

DRB OCT1.png
DRB CS.png DRB SE.png DRB MMK.png
DRB MH.png DRB MG.png DRB MNS.png
DRB RGAS.png DRB AF.png DRB COM 2x.png

Starfleet Honors (2367-2436)

Starfleet-cross-3x.png Defense-distinguished-service-medal-5x.png Distinguished-service-medal-4x.png Silver-star.png
Defense-superior-service-medal.png Legion-of-merit-5x.png Bronze-star.png Medal-of-valor-4x.png
Nebula-star-3x.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry-6x.png Purple-heart-4x.png Defense-meritorious-service-medal-3x.png
Meritorious-service-medal.png Space-medal.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Combat-action-ribbon-29x.png
Combat-action-ribbon.png Command-service-medal-9x.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon-5x.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon-6x.png
Good-conduct-medal-13x.png Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-abd.png Exploration-service-ribbon.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png
Installation-service-ribbon.png Bajoran-service-ribbon.png Career-service-award.png Cardassian-war-ribbon-bm2.png
Borg-war-ribbon-c5.png Breen-war-ribbon-c3.png Third-tzenkethi-war-ribbon-c1.png Bajoran-military-service-ribbon.png
Row 1 Alliance Medal of Honor
Row 2 Starfleet Cross (x3) Defense Distinguished Service Medal (x5) Distinguished Service Medal (x4) Silver Star
Row 3 Defense Superior Service Medal Legion of Merit
(Chief Commander)
Bronze Star Medal of Valor (x4)
Row 4 Nebula Star (x3) Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (x6) Purple Heart (x4) Defense Meritorious Service Medal (x3)
Row 5 Meritorious Service Medal Space Medal Joint Service Medal of Achievement Combat Action Ribbon (x29)
Row 6 Combat Action Ribbon Command Service Medal (x7) Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon (x5) Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon (x6)
Row 7 Good Conduct Medal (x13) Milky Way Exploration Ribbon
(with Alpha, Beta, and Delta devices)
Exploration Service Ribbon Border Patrol Service Ribbon
Row 8 Installation Service Ribbon Bajoran Service Ribbon Career Service Award Cardassian War Ribbon
(with two Bajoran campaign stars)
Row 9 Borg War Ribbon
(with five campaign shields)
Breen War Ribbon
(with three campaign shields)
Third Tzenkethi War Ribbon
(with one campaign shield)
Bajoran Militia Service Ribbon
Row 10 Wolf 359 Memorial Ribbon
(obsolete award)


  • Communications Certification
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Letter of Commendation (#*)
  • Letter of Distinction (**)
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Weapons Certification
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