Ruao transfers flag to USS Akagi

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BAJOR (INW) - The Office of the Starfleet Public Liaison announced today that Admiral Ruao Sarjanna, Commander-in-Chief of the Alliance Bajoran Command and the Bajoran Emissary of the Prophets has transferred her flag to the USS Akagi. The lead ship of the new Akagi-class Heavy Cruisers, the USS Akagi is one of five state-of-the-art vessels rolled out of Utopia Planetia in the past few months.

Originally under construction at Geordi LaForge Memorial Shipyards, the Akagi Project suffered set-backs due to serious allegations of quality control deficiencies. By order of Admiral Ruao, the first two vessels of the class, the USS Akagi and USS Defiant, were transferred to Utopia Planetia for construction while LaForge was under investigation. Since then, only three other vessels have completed construction, with at least ten others slated for release within the next two years. Designed as the next generation of workhorse vessels, the Akagi-class ships can function as everything from mobile command centers to deep space exploration vessels without requiring substantial refitting, and are slated to have longer maintenance cycles.

The announcement met with mixed review in Paris today, as members of the Alliance High Council continue to debate the anticipated budget shortfall for next year. In a joint statement, the Angelite and Benzite Senators indicated their displeasure that Starfleet is continuing to roll out new vessels during this budget crisis. "It's clear that Starfleet's priorities are backwards when they continue to spend trillions on new technology yet are simply unable to pay their own troops. We need to scale back the grossly irresponsible spending we drop into the bottomless pit that is our Military, and focus more on local aid, local defense and local sovereignty."

(Stardate: 79210.85 - Sun Mar 18 23:60:00 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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