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Race: Caitian
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthdate: 3/31/2398
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)
Status: Retired Character

S'hado is a Ensign in Starfleet and a science officer for USS Excalibur (NCC-90003).


Early Life

S’hado was the last to be born in the third litter by S’lune. He was born on the homeworld of Ferasa at eight a.m. on March 31 of 2398.

Growing up, S’hado was classified by classmates and teachers as an adventurous wild cat who got into more trouble at school for his wild imagination of exploration and adventure. S’hado and his wombmate, R’yr, would often go out and explore their surroundings and imagine of a time when they would be older so that they could go out and explore the galaxy.

As they grew older, however R’yr grew less and less interested in exploration and began following his father in to warp field mechanics. By the time they were eighteen, R’yrr joined the university to study in Advanced Warp Field Mechanics on Ferasa.

CCV Hope

In 2416, At eighteen, S’hado enlisted as a cargo hauler aboard the CCV Hope. Over the next three years, S’hado moved between positions aboard the ship as he began to learn more about the ship and her systems. From the bridge officers, he learned about astrogation, star charting and navigation. Due to the regular attacks by pirates and Naussicaans, S’hado was also trained in hand to hand combat and weapons.

In 2419, at the age of 21, S’hado applied for Starfleet Academy and took the entrance exam in August of that year. In February of twenty four nineteen, S’hado was accepted to Starfleet Academy and he quit his job aboard the CCV Hope

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

S’hado spent the next four years at the Academy on Earth. His primary course of study was in Astrogation and wormhole theories and a secondary in navigation. He held an average per year at ninety percent for his class, making the honors list. He took a summer course in survival training, including zero-G training and hostile planet survival. His one year tour prior to graduation was aboard the USS Enterprise. In 2423, S’hado graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Assignment: USS Excalibur [NCC-90003]

Stardate 100555.46

S'hado was promoted to the rank of Ensign and order to report to the USS Excalibur [NCC-90003] for assignment. He was assigned to USS Excalibur's science division as an astrometric officer.

Stardate 100706.96

A mayday was received by the CCV Skidbladnir. The civilian freigher had been fired upon while departing Starbase Tenazra. The ship was en route from bajor to Trill when the ship vanished from Tenazra sensors. Excalibur departed from Spacedock to Tenazra at maximum warp. Upon arrival, nothing unusual was found. The Excalibur then made it's heading to follow the Skidbladnir's flight path to bajor. Again, nothing unusual was detected. The skidbladnir did manage to reestablish contact with the Excalibur and reported they were near Epsilon Kasahara. The Excalibur returned to Trill after the Klamath was targeted. The Excalibur came under heavy fire from the unknown vessel. The Excalibur sustained heavy damage, effectively crippling the vessel. The unknown attacker ceased further hostility. The medical facilities was damaged. The Excalibur was towed back to Utopia Planitia for repairs.

Stardate 100887.79

The USS Excalibur inadvertently encountered a field of Trilithium particles along it's patrol route that inhibited the performance of the warp drive and impulse engines. S'hado assisted from Astrometrics to guide the Excalibur through a less dense field of trilithium particles as the ship was driven by forward motion of decompressed air from the stardrive's shuttlebays. During the events, a crewman (Midshipman Milda) had a meltdown. Somehow gaining access to the battle bridge and began feeding commands to the warp engiens, propelling the ship to warp 9 and further damaging the engines. After the midshipman was restrained, the crew proceeded to use a modified cobalt device to dissipate the Trilituhium. The detonation was successful, however also caused the Trilithium and the ship found to disappear into the future. A bouy was placed to warn ships of the possibly Trilithium showing up again.

Stardate 100946.0

The USS Excalibur responded to a threat to Deep Space Nine. Upon arrival and while cloaked, the USS Excalibur attempted to move closer to Deep Space Nine and target the cloaked vessel. The CCV Wolf continued to cloak/decloak and randomly fire on the station. The crew of the Excalibur attempted to locate the ship using a series of coordinated tachyon pulses generated by the station and ship. The I.S.S Fesarius, Federation Ship, attempted to assist the station and Excalibur to subdue the CCV Wolf. In the process, the Fesarius began experiencing power hiccups, which caused random bits of holo-imagery to be displayed, including the Celestial Temple, and Deep Space Nine's being destroyed. The CCV Wolf managed to escape, dispite sensors showing it's destruction.

Stardate 101227.07

S'hado is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade (JG)

Stardate 101295.99

In accordance with a joint venture between BAJCOM and SFCOM, on April 18, 2424, Commodore Kainon of the Bajoran Defense Force was transferred over to assume command of Excalibur. Commander Zeno, Lieutenant Commander Edward Talbot, Lieutenant Giellun i-Ramnau tr'Sahehn, Lieutenant Kailyn Pryus-Talbot, and Lieutenant JG Casey Maguire were relieved of their duties aboard Excalibur and transferred to posts aboard Deep Space 9. Joining Commodore Kainon aboard Excalibur were Commander Travis LeBlanc (SFN), Lieutenant-Commander Kero Sene (BDFN), Captain Kenneth Adamson (SFN), Lieutenant JG Marcus Urban (SFN), and Lieutenant-Commander Kame Alhe (BDFN).

Stardate 101380.04

A member of Deep Space 9's crew was killed after suffering a mental break, and attempting to kill Captain Kainon of the USS Excalibur. The assailant was later discovered to be Lieutenant Commander Benedict Edward Talbot. The threat to Commodore Kainon's life was ended when Talbot was beamed into space, and the EVA suit Talbot had been wearing failed due to a combination of an extended lack of maintenance, and Talbot's lack of proper training with the suit.

Stardate 101361.57

Excalibur was dispatched to seek out a replacement part for a faulty EPS router aboard Deep Space 9, which had caused a stationwide power failure. Excalibur returned to DS9 within the hour.

Stardate: 101562.02

Transferred from Science Division to Acting Chief Helmsman.


Family Information

His mother, S'lune and R'al, his father, are prominent noteworthy scientists in warp field mechanics and drone technologies. They worked with the Ferasa government in creating warp capable deep space exploratory probes to scan the outer regions of the Galaxy Alliances territories in the Delta and Beta Quadrants. Has a wombmate known as R'yrr who is currently working at Ferasa private company for Advanced Warp Field Mechanics.


Starfleet Pysch Evaluation

It is in the opinion of the Starfleet Psychology Division that we give a passing grade for S'hado. Below are our findings.

S'hado is an outgoing, adventurous individual who is highly respected amongst his peers aboard the CCV Hope, Starfleet Academy instructors and students. Instructors say that he has a devoted love for science, and even more love for fantasy. The instructors have also spoken about how often he engages passionately into his studies, often drowning out those around him. As it is with most Caitian species, he is fiercely loyal to his family on Ferasa and his close friends. During his examination and evaluation, he spoke on more then one occasion about his parents and what they call a wombmate, or sibling, R'yrr. While he shows regret that R'yrr and himself are not closer, he very proud of the road R'yrr had taken. Among other things, S'hado has shown to be very honorable and respectful. His former captain aboard the CCV Hope has spoken on behalf of S'hado about his deep kindness towards others and towards children. It is to be noted that while he appears on the outside to gain friends easily, he is one to only keep a select few close.

End of report

RP Logs

Log Participants
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