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Character Overview
Rank: RDF-E-1.png
Title: Paramedic
Status: Alive
Race: Caitian
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 2422
Place of Birth: Spacedock, Sol Sector
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance (Rikon Defense Force)
Parents: M'hrr (Father)
R'hli (Mother) - Deceased
Siblings: R'ress (Brother - b. 2405)
S'mrr (Sister - b. 2405)
R'lar (Brother - b. 2410)
M'iala (Sister - b. 2410)
M'rzi (Wombmate - Brother - b. 2422)
S'thos (Brother - b. 2428)
R'erala (Sister - b. 2428)
Spouse: None
Children: None
OOC Information
Played By: None

S'rrai is a civilian Paramedic, working for the Rikon Defense Force as a Crewman. She lives aboard Frontier, working with the medical staff on station.



Born in 2422 on Spacedock, S'rrai and M'rzi were the third set of kits from retired Starfleet Rear Admiral R'hli and Captain M'hrr. There are two sets of older siblings, R'ress, S'mrr, R'lar and M'iala, and one set of younger siblings, S'thos and R'erala, making them a very large family. Through the years, they spent a lot of their time between Spacedock, where their father was Commanding Officer for many years, and Ferasa, where her mother retired following a long service in Starfleet over multiple wars. She spent a lot of time with her family, the Clan, and the family friend, Nazri, during her years growing up.

Schooling was often run in a home-school style, along with her womb-mate M'rzi. Initial instruction was assisted by her oldest brother R'ress, but then it moved to a private tutor that her mother had secured from Ferasa. Despite the years that her parents had spent away from Ferasa in their adult lives, they ensured that the kits were included on all the community hunts they could manage when in system, so that they kept up their skills and traditions.

S'rrai's interest heavily lay in a few areas as she grew. Her father, an established swordsman of the Caitian martial arts weapon, the Toro Nai'hi, taught her the art of the weapon from a young age, so as to continue on that tradition. Her other interest is grounded in her interest to help, not too dissimilar to her mother's but in a different focus. She would absorb information regarding first-aid procedures, and often would be the one holding the first-aid kit when going out on hunts at home. This may have been spurred by her mother's heart problems as she grew older, passing away when the child was but eleven years old.

At twelve, she took her Claw Oath, the first entry into her adult life, with her father looking on, but she had the support net of her entire family as she took that step forward, and vowing never to use her claws against other sentients.

After getting into her teenage years, the Caitian then would take some time shadowing the Chief Nurse on Spacedock, when time permitted, to get a better understanding of the happenings there. The station's medical staff being bound by Starfleet protocol and military structure, S'rrai couldn't do much more than observe, but she soaked in what she could and learned a lot. She also took appropriate courses in becoming certified in first aid, CPR and other more civilian elements, all while balancing her schoolwork.

She graduated just a year early, at sixteen, but already an adult per Ferasan standards. From here, she seeks a paramedic internship before potentially fulfilling her goal of working towards becoming a doctor. But without intent to put herself through six years of college right into adulthood, she seeks the slow path using on the job training to help guide her future. M'rzi, her womb-mate, seeks a job closer to home. She expects to regularly visit friends and family back on Ferasa any chance she gets.

Common Knowledge

  • Medical Interest - S'rrai plans on eventually becoming a doctor, but is going about it the long way, working through as a paramedic before going to medical school.
  • Hunter - She loves the traditional forms of hunting, and is quite an established hunter. She has also learned the use of the Toro Nai'hi, a traditional Ferasan martial arts weapon, from her father, M'hrr.
  • Terran Customs - Despite being born on Spacedock, she is still quite awkward with Terran customs. Handshaking, however, she has started taking on rather enthusiastically.






Life Events

  • 2422 - Born on Spacedock, along with wombmate M'rzi. Third set of kits of R'hli and M'hrr.
  • 2428 - Siblings S'thos and R'erala born.
  • 2430 - R'hli suffered heart attack on Spacedock.
  • 2432 - R'hli passes away on Ferasa.
  • 2438 - Joined the Rikon Defense Force as a Paramedic.
  • 2438 - Attended the funeral procession of Teral Danek on the Tarawa, and subsequent funeral on Ferasa. Met Orryn Danek.
  • 2439 - Started dating Orryn Danek after subsequent visits.



RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Enterprise-G Generations (RP Log) 9 June 2016 Giovanni, S'rrai
The Rewards of Medicine (RP Log) 10 June 2016 S'rrai, Senka
The Funeral of Teral Kolt (Teral Danek) (RP Log) 18 July 2016 Adrinon, Connor, D'Ahr, Danek, Kame-Tiik, La'Vash, Li, Los, Muireann, Reid, Riley, S'rrai, Senka, Starr, Tavrok, Temple, Torin, Walters
Careers Over Tea (RP Log) 3 August 2016 S'rrai, Senka, Sselon
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