SF: Engineer Admiral dishonorably discharged!

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Date: Fri Jun 22 19:42:53 2012 PDT
IC Date: Wed Jul 16 15:17:18 2414
Stardate: 91539.53

STARBASE DEEP SPACE 9, BAJORAN SECTOR (INW) - Branch Admiral Kenneth R. Adamson, the current head of Starfleet Research & Development, has been given a dishonorable discharge from Starfleet, according to a released statement from the Starfleet Public Affairs Office (PAO), this afternoon (Stardate 92788.03).

INW has learned through sources with long-standing Starfleet credentials, that now-former Admiral Adamson was recently involved in a "hate crime" against an Orion trader on Deep Space 9, where the admiral was using the station's lab on several highly-classified research projects for the Corps of Engineers.

The PAO ombudsperson for INW stated that, "while many may feel that the decision of the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's Office was excessive, it is important to understand that Admiral Adamson's prior criminal history was taken into consideration." He went on to say that Admiral Ruao Sarjanna, the current Chief of Starfleet Operations, signed off on the decision and executed the paperwork from her office; a highly unusual move.

Neither Admiral Ruao or Mister Adamson responded to INW's direct queries for additional comment. Mister Adamson's attorney, Lieutenant (jg) Marco Inez, stated that his client will not respond to any press inquiries and will seek a "quiet, private life as a civilian engineer."

INW will update this story as more news becomes available.

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