SS Royalty Luxury Liner Ready for Re-Launch

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Date: Wed Aug 24 05:48:35 2011 PDT
IC Date: Tue Jul 21 03:51:30 2409
Stardate: 86551.92

TRANQUILITY STATION (INW) - More than nine years after the near-destruction of the only Royalty-Class Passenger Liner ever built, the SS Royalty emerges from it's specialized construction bay at Stellar Dynamics' Shipyard at Tranquility Station.

The ship took massive damage while docked at Deep Space Nine. Deep Space Nine was then closed for repairs for an extended period. When they re-opened, Stellar Dynamics was awarded the contract to remove the wreckage of the passenger liner from the station's docking area and the ship has been in storage ever since.

"We've had the wreckage mothballed for years. We weren't sure if the owners were willing to pay for repairs," explained Annalisa Pierson, Director of Operations at Stellar Dynamics. "A year ago, we finally drew up some proposals to either scrap it or rebuild it, and we're happy to say the Royalty is more beautiful today than they day she originally launched."

With upgraded warp engines, reinforced structural integrity, and numerous other mechanical enhancements, Pierson and the ship's owner, Royalty Leisure Services, is confident that the liner will be in service for many years to come.

In a written release, RLS states that the ship is being moved from Tranquility Station to Deep Space Nine where it will take on a new crew and host an open house prior to it's official re-launch ceremony.

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