STATEMENT: Eka Ruao Sarjanna regarding Dominion treaty overtures

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STARBASE DEEP SPACE 9 (INW) - The following is a released verbal statement from Admiral Eka Ruao Sarjanna to all Bajoran citizens:

"This is Admiral Ruao. INW has released a story recently that Bajor has turned away the Dominion. I would like to inform all residents of Bajor and DS9 that this story is 100% accurate. The Prophets' will is to keep Bajor's options open. The time has not yet come for us to make a decision with respect to the Dominion's foray in Alpha Quadrant politics. Bajoran policy toward the Wormhole remains unchanged as well; the wormhole is open for use by military and civilians alike, including ships from the Dominion. If Bajor blockaded the wormhole, we would be moving Bajor to an anti-Dominion stance without authorization from the Ministry of State.

"I know that many of you are fearful of the days ahead given the current political climate. I know many of you are already frustrated by Bajor's decision to sign treaties with Cardassia. The momentum of the status quo has Bajorans uncertain as to what the future will hold. I, however... I am not fearful and I'm not uncertain. I put my faith in the Prophets. The Prophets have led us along the path for millennia, and they will continue to do so. As their Emissary, I promise that I will do my part in communicating their Will, and holding them accountable to Bajor. Now is not the time for Bajor to turn in on itself; civil unrest only hands victory to those who would move against us. I implore my fellow Bajorans to keep this in mind as we move forward, together. Thank you."

Sun May 29 05:10:18 2439 Alliance Standard Time

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