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Elthemor Alessandra Sagewood is currently a freelance scientist and Starfleet veteran.

Elthemor Alessandra Sagewood
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Personal Profile
Race Terran
Gender Female
Height 6'3"
Weight 181lbs
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Silver
Marital Status Single
PB 20
Birth Records
Birthdate 14 November 2393
Birthplace Coventry, England, Earth
Mother Kora Sagewood
Father Gandry Sagewood



Physical Appearance

Physical Traits

Elthemor has fair skin that marks her British heritage and mildly wavy blonde hair drapes down her back, clearly well-groomed as usual. She has a tall, willowy build and a sharp, fair facial structure as well as a rounded nose and thin lips and deep, silvery grey eyes.

Civillian Clothing

She is wearing a posh white overcoat that drapes all the way down her back resting just below her knees, the interior being made of solid black Karemman fleece. Her torso is covered by a black button-up shirt, a black vest, and a white tie tucked under the vest. To accompany her hands are a pair of black Terran carriage gloves. She is wearing black trousers with a white belt studded with platinum. For footwear, she is wearing polished black buckled loafers and a white top hat, complete with a black silk ribbon tied just above the brim, rests on her head.



Elthemor Sagewood, born 2393, was the firstborn child of Gandry and Kora Sagewood. Initially living in Coventry, England, on Earth, in 2396 the Sagewood family made a transition to Deep Space Nine among the pregnancy of Elthemor's sister, Jenetha Sagewood. Four years later, just a few weeks after her second birthday, an attack on Deep Space Nine occured. That same day, Elthemor was found dead, terribly wounded by the attack. He was able to be revived, but his relief quickly turned into grief when he and his family was informed that Jenetha had been confirmed no longer aboard Deep Space Nine. Spurred by the loss and frequent phantasmagorias of the attack, Elthemor began his lifelong journey to one day find his sister alive.

Early Life

When Elthemor was nine, he began imagining himself dominating the galaxy. He dreamt he would command armies, conquer planets, and eliminate all that was evil. He became self-important, but he was humbled each time he remembered his own death. He could have died. His dreams of being everyone's saviour slowly turned into his rememberance of being saved. By eleven, he took a strong interest in the Christian religion, which he had primarily overlooked for the majority of his life before. He then dreamt of becoming a pastor. However, he soon became interested in software programming, and began to study science and the arts, amazed at its seemingly infinite history and power.


Secluded from the precedents of society, Sagewood also began to research things thought to be impossible, such as the theory of everything. By age fifteen, he had already theorised seven ways to explain the theory; four of them were proven impossible, the other three were controversial and somewhat doubtful, but have never been proven wrong. Naturally, he mastered mathematics by creating algorithms that he thought would be useful to prove his theories. Sagewood's mastery of the arts grew year by year. His adoration of lingual arts caused him to begin collecting books, now possessing a total of four. He had also composed thirteen different orchestral songs by the age of seventeen.

Starfleet Academy

Sagewood joined Starfleet Academy at the age of eighteen in order to pursue his dreams of further understanding the universe. Focusing on the sciences, Sagewood was particularly inspired by a fellow classmate of his, who shared his view on the theory of everything, which was based on containable universal infinities.

Dreams and Ambitions

To Sagewood, the universe is a place that has been a mystery since the beginning of time, and a bigger mystery as time continues. To completely understand the universe is an idea that appears impossible, but he wants to prove that nothing is impossible. To him, the universe was made to be explored and the mysteries of it discovered. Whether it be understanding the universe, or finding his sister, he is infinitely compelled to make it happen.


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