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Saoraigne Brennan
Rank: Lieutenant JG C-o2.png
Title: Medical Officer,

USS Shutsugun (NCC-81410)

Race: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)

Saoraigne Brennan, M.D. is a Starfleet physician who serves as a Medical Officer aboard the USS Shutsugun (NCC-81410).


Born on Betazed, Soaraigne is one of a pair of twins, her sister is Sionnach. Her parents are Astrid and Darrian Brennan. Saoraigne is the eldest twin. Early childhood was pretty typical, with long walks in the various parks, and a lot of playing with her twin sister. And school, there was always school. From an early age, their father always called her 'Rain', and her sister 'Little Fox'.

During puberty is when the carefree changed. That's when school for the training of her telepathic and empathic powers began. For Saoraigne, it was more the empathic aspect of things, rather than the telepathic, for she'd never have the abilities to be anything more than a mediocre telepath. Empathy she could do just fine.

After graduating from school at age seventeen, Saoraigne went on, splitting from the norm on Betazed and going to Starfleet Academy. She spent four years there, learning all she needed to learn to pass her classes and decide exactly where she wanted to go. Medical Academy. During Starfleet Academy, she made quite a few friends, learned about defending herself, both unarmed and with weapons. She got herself into trouble a time or two here with her honesty. It is also here that she learned not to always say what she honestly thought of people.

Starting at age twenty-one, she spent another two years in training, learning to be a doctor. At age twenty-three, Saoraigne went back home, to Betazed, and went to work as an intern in a hospital on the planet near where her parents lived. At age twenty-five, she spent two years in another hospital across the planet as a resident doctor. At age twenty-seven, Saoraigne once again went back home, to the hospital she'd worked in just out of the Medical Academy. There, she was one of the actual doctors for the next four and a half years.

In December of her thirty-second year, Saoraigne went to Ferasa to help with the situation there. This is where Sionnach finally managed to talk her into rejoining Starfleet. As a result of this, she was assigned to USS Shutsugun as a Medical Officer.

Starfleet Service Record

  • C-o1.png Completes undergraduate coursework at Starfleet Academy.
  • C-o1.png Completes Medical School.
  • C-o1.png Returns to Betazed to continue her Medical career.
  • C-o2.png Promoted to Lieutenant JG, assigned to USS Shutsugun as a Medical Officer.
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