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Keevan Sarata, MSSc
Romain Vennat.png
Starfleet Personnel File
Rank Ensign 2410 SF O-1.png
Played By Romain Vennat
Current Assignment Temp Operations Officer,
Deep Space 9
Personal File
Birthplace Trill
Father Leevan Pele
Father Tegan Sarata
Education University of Leran Manev, Starfleet Academy
Affiliation Starfleet (Exploration Command)
Marital Status Single

Keevan Sarata, MSSc is a Starfleet officer aboard the USS Beagle (NCC-91892) assigned to Operations.



Keevan Sarata is a Trill male, 5'9”, 135lbs born to Leevan Pele, a joined trill male, and Tegan Sarata, an unjoined trill male on Trillius Prime approximately 25 years ago. He has a younger brother named Rafx Sarata, and younger sister Jennica Sarata. He has an aunt, younger sister of Tegan, Leslou Sarata, who works on Bajor. Keevan was an energetic child, making many friends while in elementary school. He loved to run and play. After school he played soccer, enjoyed swimming, and joined the school's chess team. He played soccer with his Andorian friend Chesos, and swimming with his Betazoid friend Rehel.

Entering high school, Keevan was in excellent health. But he became the very small fish in a large pond. He started to get bullied, mentally more than physically, and shied away sometimes. He still played soccer in the evenings, and swam. But he became more introverted. Choose his friends carefully. While in grades 10 and 11, he started to warm up and make more friends, and go to more social events after he noticed the bullying had stopped. He excelled in science, law, and drama while in high school. Before that he focused on his school and grades. Throughout his childhood, Keevan was close with his siblings Rafx, and Leslou. His fathers also had a close relationship with him, and it was Leevan's being joined that lead Keevan to want to later pursue that option.

Upon graduation from High School, Keevan applied to University of Leran Manev on Trill in the capital. There he made friend with many various cultures. Two individuals who stood out would be Lake Sirini, a human, and Sh'niweo who was Caitian. At the University Keevan studied hard, and played hard. Also while there he applied to and was accepted into the Joined Trill Initiate Program for future joining. At University he came out of his shell more – due in part to most of his classmates being so diverse. Made a few friends, and continued with swimming and sports. He graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree.

Following graduation, Keevan went to Starfleet Academy to pursue a Master of Social Science program. At the Academy his friend Lake joined him in operations, as well as making new friends in various disciplines. He continued to play soccer, a new friend, a human named William, joining him on his team. The two shared a brief romance, parting as friends.

Eventually Keevan was assigned to the USS Charlottetown for his cadet cruise. Aboard the Charlottetown he reported to Chief of Operations Major Macun Tiroc, who was aboard as part of the Bajoran Defense Force-Starfleet officer exchange program. The cruise went smoothly, with Keevan making many new friends and contacts. He found himself spending a lot of time with Lt Laurel Ivanova, who was also in operations. His view of the galaxy greatly improved following positive experience in Starfleet Academy, such as a visit to the USS Baphomet with his supervising officer, Lt Iydek'Itoa for an investigation.

After graduation Keeven was assigned to the USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890), and following that ship's destruction to the USS Beagle (NCC-91892). On stardate 113217.43 he was transferred to the temporary officer's pool on Deep Space 9.

Common Knowledge

Info in this section may be known by those around him and can be utilized IC.

  • Known to enjoy swimming and soccer.
  • Is known to be openly omnisexual and until graduation from the Academy he had a steady boyfriend.
  • Has a Master's degree in Social Science

Commanding Officers


  • SF Unit Commendation Ribbon


Roleplay logs

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