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Character Overview
Rank: C-o3.png
Title: Starfleet Officer
Status: Alive
Race: Vulcan
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 2336, December 2nd (Age 103)
Place of Birth: Vulcan
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Medical)
Parents: Torack(Father) - DECEASED
Siblings: Jadis(Younger Brother) - DECEASED
Spouse: None
Children: None
OOC Information
Played By: Paige Rohrick

Sarisa of Vulcan is a Starfleet Medical officer and is currently assigned to the NCC-73030 (USS Zenith) under the command of LCDR. Taxo as one of the ship's medical doctors.


Personality Profile

She's a VULCAN. She has no personality. AHAHAHAH! JOKE! (WIP)


Sarisa, daughter of Torack and Vasuvessa, is the first born of the family. She had one brother, Jadis, younger by 10 years. At an early age she began to show an affinity for math and science. This path was encouraged throughout her educational development by her parents who gave her a constant means of indulgence in this field of study. Vasuvessa's occupation as a medical doctor later influenced Sarisa to pursue the path toward becoming a medical professional herself.

She devoted much of her after school activities to studying material regarding the medical profession and by age 28 (Terran) she was poised to enter the Vulcan Science Academy of Medicine. Her early jump start gave her an edge during her practical application exams and test materials during her course studies at the academy. Her training was cut short however by the sudden arrival of the Borg in 2366 and the forced evacuation of Vulcan.

During the escape from Vulcan her younger brother Jadis was captured by Borg and assimilated. This event happened only ten yards from Sarisa who was unable to do anything about it, a fact that still haunts her secretly. She managed to unite with her mother in the chaos and escape the horror the Borg had unleashed. Her father was away from Vulcan during the attack luckily. Husband, Wife and Daughter reunited on Qo'nos where they remained until 2369. Shortly after the Cardassians abandoned their occupation of Bajor, Sarisa and her family moved to Bajor to live with a family friend, Suvar Coralas and help in the process of rebuilding the badly damaged Bajoran civilization.

After a period of grieving over the loss of her brother, a process greatly helped by the comforting words of Suvar's son, Tormiki, a devout faith healer, she returned to her studies in the medical field, applying and being accepted at the newly rebuilt Bajor Medical Academy. After 3 more years of study she graduated with a certification in medicine and surgical operation procedures for Bajorans, Terrans, Klingons and of course Vulcans and Romulans.

As her first steps into the medical profession, she volunteered her services aboard Starbase 902 as it was being constructed to replace Terok Nor, treating job related injuries and illness. She remained aboard the Starbase until 2380. Her repeated contact with Starfleet personnel during her 8 years of service gave her the curiosity bug and after much soul searching and against the wishes of her father, she joined Starfleet Academy.

Her advanced knowledge and former experience and training made her journey through Academy virtually painless. She was a model cadet and graduated in 2386 after further studies at the Starfleet Science Medical Academy. Ironically, she was placed back aboard Starbase 902 to continue her medical practices under the supervision of the Starbase's resident doctor until being reassigned to the USS Entrophy.

She was then ping ponged around from ship to ship, first serving the Entrophy then getting sent to the Thunderchild and finally transferring out with Captain Giovanni to the USS Enterprise. She served there with her head down, doing her job until the call came from Bajor that her father was dying. She resigned from Starfleet after much soul searching and returned home to Bajor to patch things up with him before he passed away. She stayed to take care of her mother and ended up working at the primary medical facility in Jalanda City. There she remained for many years until her mother finally talked her into returning to Starfleet where her skills as a doctor could be used the most. Sarisa agreed and returned to active duty and has been recently assigned to the USS Agamemnon NCC-92101, under the command of CPT. S. Jameson Riley.

Those I Know

PLACE HOLDER. People that I know and Sarisa's impressions of them will be kept here.

RP Hooks

  • Sarisa enjoys classic Earth literature and is particularly fond of Shakespeare's writings. As a side effect, she enjoys seeing live performances of such plays when she can.
  • Sarisa is a runner. She enjoys that form of exercise and can be seen from time to time in the gym if available or running in a simulated outdoor environment on the holodecks.
  • Sarisa is a Borg attack survivor of Vulcan and witness the horror of assimilation up close and personal with the death of her younger brother. This event haunts her dreams from time to time. She has trouble maintaining emotional composure in the face of Borg enemy.
  • Sarisa loves music. Music plays all the time in her quarters when she is there. She uses it for relaxation and meditation. She enjoys many styles of orchestral works from Terran and Bajoran artists and even finds Klingon Drums fascinating.
  • Sarisa is a Smiling Vulcan (tm). She is trying to change up her bedside manner and become more 'friendly' to approach. It is not easy to have emotions show and still try to be a good logic driven Vulcan.

Life Events

  • 2336, Dec 02 - Birth
  • 2360, Apr 01 - Enrolled in the Vulcan Science and Medicine academy on Vulcan after showing great promise in both fields.
  • 2366, Feb 18 - Witnessed the death of her younger brother Jadis when he saved her from a Borg soldier attempting to assimilate Sarisa during the evacuation of Vulcan.
  • 2369, Mar 08 - Sarisa and her parents move to Bajor and take up permanent residence there, first staying with family friend Suvar and then in their own place near Jalanda City.
  • 2370, Jan 04 - Thanks to the help Suvar's son, Tormiki, Sarisa was able to overcome her the loss of her brother. She also experienced love for the first time but it was not to be. Tormiki entered religious service rather than pursue a relationship with Sarisa.
  • 2370, Mar 11 - Enters the Bajorian medical school to complete the training she had begun on Vulcan. She graduates without two years.
  • 2372, Jun 27 - She volunteered as a civilian doctor aboard Starbase 902 which put her in constant contact with Starfleet personnel.
  • 2380, Jan 10 - Friends and Colleagues encouraged her to join Starfleet and she did, entering into the Academy at the beginning of the year.
  • 2381, Feb 28 - Volunteered to be part of the medical away team to Bajor during the Breen massacre despite still being a Starfleet cadet.

Service Record


  • C-c1.png 57585.54: After working aboard Starbase 902 as a civilian Bajoran trained doctor for 8 years, she is finally convinced to apply to Starfleet Academy and is accepted, much to her father's disapproval.
  • C-c2.png 58159.75: Despite being a Starfleet Cadet, Sarisa is part of an emergency group of medical professionals sent to Bajor to deal with the massive causalities brought on by the assault by the Breen into the Bajor Sector. She is thankful her parents who have settled on Bajor are not among the dead.
  • C-c4.png 60409.06: Due to her years of training as a civilian doctor she fast tracks through basic academy training and starts her advanced training as a Starfleet Medical Doctor.
  • C-o1.png 63409.06: Completes the extended course work needed for her Starfleet M.D. certification and graduates from Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign. Is ironically transferred back to Starbase 902 serving under Captain Isac.
  • C-o3.png 66422.77: Transfers from Starbase 902 to the USS Thunderchild under Commander Lathrop.
  • C-o3.png 68080.00: Transfered to NCC-64005 (USS INDOMITABLE) under Commander Gregorio Giovanni.
  • C-o3.png 72908.58: Is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and reassigned for the first time ever to duty aboard a starship, the NCC-83343 (USS ENTROPY) under the command of LCDR. Reed.
  • C-o3.png 73183.34: Transferred to the NCC-82139 (USS INDEFATIGABLE) under CAPT. Amadeus.
  • C-o3.png 75241.94: Transferred along with Captain Giovanni to the prestigious USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G).
  • C-o3.png 77244.01: Resigns from Starfleet to return to Bajor to take care of her ailing father and look after her mother.
  • C-o3.png 116039.20: Sarisa's mother convinces her daughter to return to Starfleet after 39 years of absence and continue the medical work she loves so much. With her father laid to rest and her mother in good hands, Sarisa agrees and returns to active duty as a Starfleet Medical Officer. She returns to active duty and is stationed on Deep Space 9 pending her duty assignment.
  • C-o3.png 116199.82: Transferred to the crew of USS Agamemnon NCC-92101, under the command of CPT. S. Jameson Riley.
  • C-o3.png 116627.70: Awarded the UNIT EXCELLENCE RIBBON by RADM Cei.
  • C-o3.png 116699.09: Awarded the Chancellor's Unit Citation by VADM D.J. Jorgensen.
  • C-o3.png 116699.21: Awarded the Combat Action Ribbon by VADM D.J. Jorgensen.
  • C-o3.png 116738.16: Tranferred to the NCC-73030 (USS Zenith) under the command of LCDR. Taxo.

Certifications and Citations

  • Medical Equipment Certification
  • Medical Triage Certification

Awards and Decorations

Freedom-war-ribbon.png Combat_Action_Ribbon
link=Chancellor%27s_Unit_Citation Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png
Row 1 Freedom War Ribbon | Combat Action Ribbon
Row 2 Chancellor's Unit Citation | Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
[| Meeting Mr. Senka] 31 July 2016 Senka, Los, Sarisa
[| Anotherr Day Another Physical] 12 August 2016 Jazgan, Sarisa
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