Scattered Messages (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
01 August 2014
Station Security [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to the security area is simple but effective. Around a small bend is the passage to the brig section. Through a small corridor then a secured door is the local armor for security personnel.

Starfall is stood by the security monitor, a look of serious concentration on his face as he works between a PADD and the security system. Various files have been brough up and left open on the screem as if he is searching for information in the strangest of places, while on the desk the last whisps of steam rise from an ever growing colder mug of coffee.

Ava approaches Starfall and nods in greeting to the man. "How is the investigation going overall, Ensign?" she inquires.

"Slowly at first sir." Starfall replies, turning to face Ava. "We'd seriously been considering foul play from the outset but had nothing to go on, of course these mails confirm it."

"I wasn't present at the time of the incident, and I may be misremembering facts presented in the reports submitted thus far, but if it's self-destructing, could it be possible it was a suicide device to avoid capture?" Ava asks, her voice curious.

Starfall shakes his head and motions Ava to join him at the console as he brings up the security feed from the date in question. "He was clearly incapable, no one's that good of an actor." He answers, pointing at the screen showing the man running around the Promenade, flailing and screaming.

"I see..." Ava says as she looks over the feed. "So if it's a Ninth Order implementation, it is possible he was a spy (whether voluntary, aware, or neither). I spoke briefly with Captain Cross on this case shortly before sending you the mail, and he's also concerned about the connection with the Ninth Order."

"As am I." Lucas syas, frowning. "The fact that you were also sent a mail along with Lieutenant Carey begs the questions of who else was contacted, why and what the connection is. I'm inclined to think that each person mutually knows the individual and that they are likely here on the station themselves." He pauses for a moment, thinking inwardly and moves over to the desk to pick up the lukewarm coffee mug. "Given that no information has been released and that I made sure that his death in the infirmary was kept as confidential as possible, it would have to be someone that was witness to to entire incident and has been in a position to access the information."

Ava nods in agreement, then thinks for a moment. "What is interesting is that I have not been contacted otherwise. I was not involved or present at the incident, and I have not received any other communication regarding the Cardassians outside of those prescribed by my duties. So, other than the fact that I am the highest ranking Bajoran assigned here, I'm not sure why I was targeted for the communication unless either this 'messenger' either likes leaving pretty massive breadcrumbs straight to the top of Deep Space 9's chain of command, or is somewhat connected to the station already -- as in knows those who received the messages. In addition to your comments." She pauses for a moment for another question, "Have you been able to trace which anonymizer terminal it was sent from? Was it the one on station?"

Starfall glances back of the terminal. "I have a trace running now, it's been working for the past hour. With your permission, I'd like to bring Mister Vrillak back in under caution for questioning."

"Granted," Ava states to Starfall. "It may be poor taste to racially profile, but in this case, there's bound to be some information he might be able to give. Are there any other Cardassians known to be on station, for business, visit, or residence?"

"That's the thing." Starfall begins, offering a mug. "Coffee?" He asks as he takes his own back over to the machine, draining it as he walks. "It would appear to be racially profiling at first, but I assure you it isn't sir. It's a train of thought I've had ever since Leftenant Carey's latest report, one that unfortunately keeps giving me more questions with each answer. May I offer a theory?"

Ava gives a gentle shake of her head. "No coffee for me, thank you," she replies. At his offer of his theory, she states, "Go ahead."

Starfall nods and takes the coffee pot from the machine, holding it in his hand as he collects his thoughts. "Now as I said sir, no one outside of Medical, Security or the Senior Staff are aware of the death, but there were of course witnesses to the deceased's behaviour on the Promenade and in Morn's..." He pauses and mutters opinging his complant, "Excuse me for a minute please sir. Starfall, go ahead."

Ava gives a nod, respectfully staying silent as Starfall completes his comm call.

Starfall says, "Station Security, I was hoping you would call. Please head down."

"Sorry about that, Leftenant Tavrok has something urgent to speak about. I'm guessing another mail." Lucas offers with a slight smile. "Where was I.. Ah yes. I think it best to wait a minute until he gets here as he's essential to the theory I have."

Ava gives an understanding nod. "The more information, the better," she replies.


The door leading to Promenade slides open.
Tavrok arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Promenade slides closed.

Starfall is stood by the coffee machine, pot in hand with Ava nearby. "Glad you could make it."

Ava smiles over towards Tavrok, "Congratulations, Lieutenant. And thank you for coming by."

Tavrok walks into the room briskly, as he enters he surveys the room. "Ma'am, thank you." He says to the XO, then his gaze moves back to Starfall. "I have not been successful in my searches regarding the combustion. Have you been able to determine any other areas of interest?"

"I'm just explaining my theory to the Colonel of why I'd like to bring Mister Vrillak back in under caution for questioning." Starfall replies and half turns to fill his mug from the coffee pot. "Now, when Mister Vrillak was asked to come to the officer to provide his official statement of what he witnessed, he was very evasive in his answers to Mister Reid's questions, very prepared answers as well." He pauses for a moment to place the pot back onto the machine. "In my experience, that's enough to set the alarm bells off that someone's hiding something." He continues, walking back towards the table. "He also denied the fact that the deceased recognised him at all, even when presented with the fact that it was clearly shown on the security feed." Starfall gestures once again to the terminal and one of the open files and waits for any questions.

"It never hurts for a second set of questioning. But it will certainly be a dance to ensure that no classified information about the case is mentioned during the line of questioning," Ava replies.

"It may also have been common knowledge, but I only discovered a few days ago that Mister Vrillak and Leftenant Carey are in a very close personal relationship." Starfall states after taking a sip of coffee. "I think it's highly likely that information regarding the case was either unwittingly or intentionally passed on regarding the deceased." He pauses again, allowing the statement to sink in. "It's also written in Leftenant Carey's statement and witnessed by myself and Crewman Williams, that he left the scene momentarily to return with a Hasparat for the deceased, which was consumed before the sedative kicked in." He takes another sip from his coffee mug an sets it down on the desk. "There's no proof yet that Vrillak's involved, but he's certainly lied to us."

Tavroks eyebrow raises slightly and he places his hands behind his back while he quietly contemplates his next statement. "I have been curious, the metaphysical data that Lt Carry was able to gather suggested a mixed DNA of the deceased. Perhaps that has something to do with why someone wished this man dead. This could potentially give a motive, and link the current suspect to the deceased. We would need to collect enough DNA from the deceased to compare with any possible suspects. If we could narrow down when this man came onboard we might be able to find a point of origin, or medical records from which we could begin our analysis."

"That may be the case, but mixed races have become more common since the Alliance was formed years ago. But if he had any run-in with the Cardassian Union, that could be problematic for him in any case." Ava considers it a moment. "Do we know if he arrived via his own personal vessel, or a public shuttle?"

Starfall shakes his head. "We're still running a records check to find out who he is, that was to be the next step."

Tavrok looks towards Starfall, "All we need is his bio signature from his room before the incident, then we can pin point the exact moment it appears in the sensor logs onboard. After that it will only be a question of which ship, or transporter log to trace back to its source."

"There's plenty of places, if you think you can handle it." Starfall replies, looking a little relieved. "Best place I can suggest is the unowned shop he was hiding in, it's still sealed off."

"Sounds good. And hopefully the DNA might also give us some genetic markers which could also determine more about his ancestry. What regions they were from. It's possible he could be Valosian with a Cardassian-Bajoran mixed heritage," Ava notes.

Tavroks face assumes the more common Vulcan blank expression. "I will proceed directly to the room and see if there is anything at the scene, in terms of DNA, that could assist us. I will then have a look at the internal sensor logs to see when the bio signature from the other evening appeared, and if I can narrow down how it boarded. From there I should be able to tell where he came from, and then I will report back with my findings. Hopefully, this will be of some assistance to you Lucas."

Starfall nods. "Thank you. That's all I have for now, I'll look into finding out what we know on Cardassian self-destruct devices and see what I can dig up on Mister Vrillak and any other Cardassians that may be aboard the station while I wait for the trace on the terminal."

Ava nods, "Sounds like a plan. Please, if you could both make sure I'm kept in the loop, that would be great."

Starfall says, "Of course sir, I'll ensure that regular reports are filed regarding the investigation."

Tavrok says, "I will also run a scan at the time of 'combustion' and see if there were any unusual anomalies that the sensors could detect. Perhaps these Cardassian self-destruct devices leave a measurable signature."

Ava gives another nod. "I'm heading back to my office, but I look forward with what you guys can dig up. And if there's anything I run across myself, I'll let you know."

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