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Se'Agextorim i-Ramnau tr'Kheriov
Rank: Erein erein
Title: Erein
Race: Rihannsu
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire (Galae)



Se'Agextorim was born on the 7th of June 2325, as it would be written in earth years, to the house of s'Kheriov. Shortly after his birth his mother al'Arrenhe, a teacher at a local school, and father Stelam'vnau, a pilot in the Galae, quit their respective jobs, left their home in the town of Ramnau, and joined the Rihannsu Merchant Marine, serving on board one of their many freighters.

When Se'Age was three, his brother vas'Hexce was born, and the two grew up together on their parents' ship. Being born to a scientist and a pilot, it was at a young age that they learned about physics, engineering and piloting. vas'Hexce had an almost instinctual understanding of piloting, and astrogation. Se'Agextorim however had a certain knack for engineering and physics.

So the two brothers grew up on board a freighter, learning about things from their parents, living their lives on the freighter. Se'Agextorim hardly set foot upon a planet for the first 10 years of his live.

Weeks after his 10th birthday, Se's father transferred back into the Galae, since they were in need of qualified pilots. Se'Agextorim and his brother stayed with their mother aboard the freighter. Four months later, their ship was ambushed near the Eahur nebula. Their distress call was picked up by the ship his father served on, who, desperate to save his family, surprised the attacking raiders by flying the Galae ship right trough the nebula, arriving just in time at the heavily damaged freighter. Se'Agextorim, vas'Hexce and most of the crew were saved from the ship, before its warp core exploded, destroying the ship, and taking the life of three crew members, among whom his mother who stayed on the ship to rescue her crew. After this, he returned back to his place of birth, the town of Ramnau on ch'Rihan. There he and his brother lived with family, and their father, once he resigned from the Galae to take care of his sons two years later.

At the age of 26, he joined the Phi'lasasam, where he studied quantum-, and astro-physics and advanced engineering. For a brief period of time he studied elemental philosophy, but he quit that course in favor of ancient history and archaeology.

He chose those five subjects, since he felt he could contribute to the Empire the most with that knowledge. After graduation, he joined the Galae; to serve and defend the empire as he felt was expected of him. After all, it was the Galae that saved him and his brother from the pirate attack, and he saw this as a way to repay that dept. His advanced engineering skills got him posted on the Eisn Shipyards. There, he helped create and design many ships of the Rihannsu fleet, including the top of the line d'Deridex Warbird classes.

After working in the Eisn yards for almost 8 years, and being promoted to the rank of Arrain, Se' decided it was time for a change, and he requested a transfer to serve on board the RMV Ra'kholh. Since he helped build the ship, and was involved in almost every part of the design and construction, he was instantly assigned as the Head of Engineering.

After leaving the Eisn yards, where he worked and lived for the past 8 years, Se'Age was actually looking forward to life on board the ship, which he thought would be a stimulating and different experience. On the ships maiden mission, they went to map an area of space, just outside Rihannsu territory. Several months of exploring later, they arrived at a Class M planet in the Beta R904 system, covered with ancient ruins. Se'Age was included on an away mission due to his knowledge of archaeology. While exploring the ruins, their presence however activated an ancient planetary defense system, which attacked their ship.

It was a short, but violent battle. The ship crashed bridge-first on the planet, right into the core of the planetary defensive systems, clearing the skies for any arriving rescue ships. Se'Age, the rest of the away team, and a handful of survivors that were beamed down fast enough were the only ones left on the planet. They set up a base camp, and awaited a rescue ship.

When 2 months later, no one had still showed up, he and the rest gave up on the Galae, and Se'Age swore to resign from the fleet once they got back. Se'Age and another engineer used the wreckage of the RMV Ra'kholh and their auxiliary crafts, and the alien technology to construct a small impulse only ship.

They launched the ship, turned the nose towards Romulan space, and turned on the engines. After a month at impulse, a Starfleet ship that was patrolling Romulan space picked up their distress call. The Borg had invaded the Quadrant, and the Galaxy Alliance was formed.

Seeing how even the (lousy, worthless) Federation, Klingons, Cardassians and Ferengi helped to defend the Romulan Empire, he changed his mind, and decided to stay in the Galae (now called Starfleet), to fight the Borg.

The next year of his life he spend doing nothing but patrolling, and running away from the Borg. Se'Age however wanted to make a difference in the war. He took up his old job on the Eisn Shipyards again, where he helped rebuild the Galaxy Alliance Fleet, getting familiar with Federation, Klingon, Ferengi and Cardassian systems. During those years on Eisn he drifted from the `true Rihannsu way`, made some friends with offworlders, and didn't mind their presence as much as he used to.

After the end of the Borg threat and the planned destruction of the Eisn yards, he quickly lost his interest in SF. The La Forge yards sounded tempting, but it wasn't what he wanted. So he took a leave of absence from the fleet, and planned to travel throughout the Alliance. The day after his leave started, only hours after his ship landed on Risa, the Romulan Secession Bill was accepted, the empire was reforming, and he canceled his leave so he could join the now new Galae, hoping it would be what he was looking for.

He got posted on the RMV Daemnh as head Engineer, now with his new rank of erei'Riov, or Commander, as he was called during the years in Starfleet. Yet the xenophobic ideas of those in the Galae didn't match his own anymore, and after spending another two year in there he resigned. For good this time. He went back to his home in Ramnau. But even there he didn't find the rest he was looking for. It was then, that a friend of his family contacted him. A new shipyard called Vorta Vor had been set up on ch'Rihan and they were looking for employees who had ship building experience. Se'Age applied, and since he had over 14 years of experience on the Eisn yards, he was promptly hired and placed in charge of the ship building section. And there, for the first time in his life he felt at home, at ease. After working on the 'yards non stop for over almost two years, he was forced to take a vacation.

During his absence, his colleagues took one of the engine schematics he was still developing, and implemented it on a test freighter. The testing went fine, until the freighter returned to base. Its descent went fine, but seconds before landing, a power Surge in the Impulse Regulator super accelerated the ship, and it crashed into the landing pad and hangars at 500kph, taking out half of the yard, reducing the buildings, the hangars, and the personnel of the yards to dust. When Se'Agextorim heard the news, he immediately returned from his vacation and took care of all the problems that had arisen with the destruction of the yards. Using the money from the insurance, he had it rebuild, and quickly turned it from a small construction site into a high tech automated shipyard, serving clients from across the empire, and even as far as the Galaxy Alliance

Recent History

  • 01-Jan-2379: Took over Vorta Vor.
  • 30-Jul-2380: Breen War Starts.
  • 14-Nov-2380: GA asks Rihannsu for help.
  • 27-Nov-2380: Rejoins Galae. XO on RMV Khellian
  • XX-XXX-238X: RMV Khellian recalled.
  • 06-Apr-2383: Assigned to RMV Tagor as XO
  • 05-Mar-2385: Reassigned to RMV Faikaru.
  • 01-Jul-2386: Breen war Ends
  • 05-Jul-2386: Civil war Starts
  • 13-Jul-2386: Reassigned to RMV Tagor as XO
  • XX-XXX-2387: RMV Tagor joins 18th fleet on GA Recon mission.
  • 11-Dec-2387: RMV Tagor returns to ch'Rihan with Dir. Lorian Darin.
  • 05-Mar-2388: Reassigned to CCV Akula, ordered to go 'rogue' and join ADF.
  • 02-Jan-2389: Reassigned to USS Vigilance, defiant Class.
  • 17-Aug-2389: Civil war Ends.
  • 18-Aug-2389: Returned to RMV Tagor.
  • 04-Feb-2393: Placed in command of RMV Tagor
  • 07-Mar-2393: Reassigned SO on RMV Tagor, under captain tr'Imus
  • 16-Apr-2393: Relieved of duty
  • 26-May-2393: d'Mnhiea Outpost destroyed, tr'Aegis becomes emperor

Service Record


  • Def. Superior Service Medal
  • Golden Starburst
  • Fleet/Marine Corps Medal
  • Unit Excellence Ribbon
  • Legion of Honor
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