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Security Commands

intscan [<room>] -- Gives full internal scan, or details of a room.
liftmon -- Displays lift positions.

sec <door|field|lock>[:<open|close|raise|lower|<level>>] <exit> from <room>

- security door:open out from cell 1 -- open door on the out exit from cell 1
- security field:raise a101 from deck 5 corridor -- puts field in place over exit a101 from corridor
- security lock:5 rr from bridge -- Locks door on rr from bridge to level 5

Tactical Commands

This is a list and short description of all tactical commands:

raise/lower -- Raise or lower shields.
shinfo -- Get shield status.
extend <ship> -- Extends shields around <ship>.
tacinfo -- Weapon specs and targetting information.
tacinfo/full -- Full weapon specifications and loadout info.
beamstat -- Beam weapon status.
torpstat -- Warhead weapon status.
stores -- Stores of warhead weapons.
load <tube name> <warhead ID> -- Loads <tube name> with <warhead ID> (ie load tube 1 QT3 or load all CD1).
reload <ship>:<amount>:<warhead ID> -- Reloads <ship> with <amount> of <warhead ID>. <ship> must be docked or landed at the reloading vessel to be reloaded.
[dis]arm <weapons> -- [dis]arms <weapons>. <weapons> can be the name of a single weapon or the name of a group of weapons (such as: arm phasers).
target [<contact> / bearing <h> <v> / coords <x> <y> <z>] -- Locks weapons on <contact> or fires in direction specified.
untarget -- Unlocks weapons.
systarg <system> -- Targets a specific system on the target vessel.
fire <weapon / ALL> -- Fires specified weapon, or all available weapons.
buoy <stores / launch> -- Lists available buoys, or launches a bouy.

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