Senate Called Back Into Emergency Session

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IC Date: Sat Oct 25 2403

PARIS, EARTH (INW) - In an unexpected announcement this afternoon, the Vice- Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance, in his capacity as President, has called the Senate back into a new session just a week after they adjourned for campaign season.

The majority of the High Council and the Senate are now scattered throughout the Alliance as they begin to campaign in their home districts for the upcoming December elections. Many have expressed dismay at the unprecedented act, requiring them to now return to Earth to take up new business. Senators who are currently up for reelection are the most upset, with some going so far as to announce that they would not return.

In a statement provided to INW, the Senate President indicated that a number of items needed to be resolved immediately and could not wait until the next session starting on January 15th. He has called for all Senators to return as quickly as they are able, and begged them to take up only the business that has been placed the greatly abbreviated docket he has proposed.

The abbreviated docket contains a number of action items, including an emergency spending bill to provide payment for the elections, the confirmation of the newly nominated Deputy Ministers of Commerce, State and Defense and, perhaps most significantly, the reopening of debate on Beeraxi Independence.

This is a developing story.

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