Senate Scheduled Minister of State Confirmation Hearing for Thursday

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Date: Tue Aug 2 11:38:20 2011
IC Date: Thu Mar 12 14:50:00 2409
Stardate: 86194.27

EARTH (INW) - Senator M'rus of Ferasa, the Chairman of the Alliance Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, announced this afternoon that his committee will take up the confirmation procedings for the Chancellor's appointment of Iante Riis to Ministry of State. Proceedings will be broadcasted live beginning at (OOC: Thursday, August 4th at 11 AM PDT).

Sources in Paris indicate the hearing will most likely be very contentious, as the foreign affairs committee is dominated by old Federation homeworld Senators who are displeased with the selection of a diplomat as hardened as Iante. Iante, who up until recently has been a foreign Secretary focused on Cardassian and Gorn affairs, has spent the majority of his career in harsh and combative missions, and has been criticized as having little experience with 'softer' diplomatic relations and first contact negotiations. "It's a very Klingon pick," political insider J. T. Rani says. "It definitely reflects cho'Sheq's preference for strength over eloquence."

Confirmation hearings for all appointive positions have been on hold for over a year in protest of the Chancellor's absence from Earth. Now that she's returned to Earth, the committees are slowly beginning to work through their backlog. In a statement, the Foreign Affairs Committee stated it would start "first with the most essential vacant positions, and work backwards."

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