Senate Tables Bill: Denies Beeraxi Secession

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IC Date: Mon Jun 9 2403

PARIS, EARTH (INW) - In a surprise vote, the Galaxy Alliance Senate Committee on the Interior could not muster the votes to push the bill out of committee, effectively denying secession to the embattled planet and sparking riots throughout Beerax only moments following the vote.

In a vote of 8 to 11 (with one Senator abstaining), the Committee vote to promote the bill to the full Senate failed. Under Senate rules, the bill will now have to wait until another Senate session is called to be taken up once again.

Reports from Beerax indicate that thousands have taken to the streets in the Capital of Beeraxi and in other large commercial centers around the planet. Officials on the planet are reportedly struggling to keep the protests under control.

The vote fell mostly on defensive lines, with the most vocal supporters of Starfleet and Defense spending voting against the bill. Among those in support: Trill, Ferasa, Bynaus, Zaran, Delta, Khitomer, Ferenginar, Leim XI; In opposition: Antica, Selay, Kazarite, Earth, Coltar, Janus IV, Taranko, Morska, Krios, H'atoria, Boreth; The colony of Brethrax voted to abstain.

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