Senate halted by parliamentary trick; cancels debates scheduled

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IC Date: Wed Apr 9 2403

PARIS, EARTH (INW) - All Senate business was halted abruptly today when the Bolian Senator demanded a quorum count during a reading of the daily record. It took nearly an hour for the Senate President to complete the quorum count, with proceedings occurring both in the Alliance Hall and the auxiliary chambers in orbit on Spacedock, before it was discovered that there were four fewer Senators than are required. As such, the Senate was forced to adjourn early today, cutting off high profile debates on the budget and Beeraxi secession that were scheduled for this evening.

Under rules adopted by the Senate, a quorum call can be sounded by any Senator at any time, forcing the Senate President to account for every member and halting all business until the appropriate number are present in the Senate chambers. It is typically only utilized during overly contentious votes as a delaying tactic. Senators and other sources in the Galaxy Alliance government were puzzled by the move, as the Senate has no votes scheduled today or the remainder of this week. In a statement, the Senator from Bolarus indicated he would continue to halt business until the Chancellor allows elections to occur, calling the delay 'unacceptable' even as many worlds face crushing budget crises that make paying for elections unrealistic.

Requests for comment from the Office of the Chancellor were not returned by press time

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