Senator's speech sparks violence, Kai issues plea

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IC Date: Sat Mar 19 2405

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) -- Zakdorn Senator Angov incited mass protests all over Bajor this evening when he spoke out against the candidacy of Kai Lishan Noryl, the leading candidate in the race for First Minister of Bajor. In his speech, he questioned the moral ethics, integrity, and motivations of the Kai and called Bajorans to recognize his campaign as pursuit of dictatorial thirst for power.

Instead, demonstrations rose throughout Bajor and on Deep Space 9 against the Zakdorn senator, and rallies for support of Lishan spread at temples and shrines all across Bajor. The largest crowd assembled outside the Jalanda Shrine in Jalanda City. According to INW analysts, the intentions of the Zakdorn senator have had just the opposite effect, with Kai Lishan skyrocketing in the public opinion polls in the race for First Minister.

Complicating matters was the promise of 50,000 Alliance credits to any Bajoran who would kill Starfleet officers on Bajor or Deep Space 9 from the CCV Manticore. Two have been arrested in an attempted assault on a Starfleet officer, while a Starfleet marine is accused of shooting two Bajoran civilians whom he claims were trespassing.

At this hour, the Office of the Kai has released a statement: "Citizens of Bajor, I appeal to you as Bajorans in my capacity as your spiritual leader, not as a candidate for First Minister. This evening, there have been those who have called you to violence against Starfleet. Do not mistake my words. Bajor may one day stand alone, but it cannot be through violence nor fear. Bajorans stand together, and Bajorans stand strong. Place your trust and faith in the Prophets, and do not give in to sensationalism. May the Prophets keep you safe and guide your path."

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