Senator M'rus Discusses Beeraxi Secession

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IC Date: Wed Dec 10 2403

The news flicks to an interview given earlier in the day on a daytime broadcast from Earth. Speaking to the hosts, M'rus is nodding, his teeth showing in a grin. Then the hosts ask him about the Beeraxi secession and he nods slowly, his face becoming serious.

"John, Cathy....let me thank you for asking that. It is important. We have lost a member but...I hope gained a friend today. Sadly the bill is not everything I would have liked or many would have liked, but this entire process has been subject to political stalls from day one. The committee was hamstrung when the Minister of Defense refused to provide Starfleet expert witnesses, who could attest to the strategic concerns and allow us to actually debate, genuinely, the fate of Alcatraz. Then in the senate all debate was quashed by the way the vote was called. I am glad the bill was brought back but...less so that the debate was prevented and an imperfect bill was passed. It is a shame that for the want of some expert witnesses, a better bill was prevented from being written."

"Beerax is a fine world and with fine people and we look forward to being their friends. We have always been a consensual gathering, formed in the heat of the Borg War. Before that my people were members of the Federation, as were many of your viewers, and so we understand that though friends may differ it is sad when one feels the need to differ enough to leave but necessary. Beerax IX has chosen this route, rightly or wrongly, and as their friend we must allow them. They have also, by doing it through this method, ensured that the rule of law remains - There are legal methods for groups to leave the Alliance if it no longer conforms to their culture and any other method will not be tolerated. Peace, understanding and tolerance. These were defining principles of the Federation, they define so many of our species, and it is only through understanding and tolerance that the Galaxy Alliance is able to sustain itself at all. Eventually we will, as an Alliance, have to chose between clutching tight to power and risking a dozen new Beeraxs, or whether we give power back to the citizens. Whether we accept that sometimes a Trill knows what is best for Trill, sometimes a Bajoran knows what is best for Bajor and that yes, even my honourable opponent may know what is best for Qo'noS, in ways we at the centre cannot always know."

The hosts do the usual smiley routine, nodding and looking vacuous. The news clip jumps to the 'Questions From The Viewers' section and the question being asked scrolls up on screen: Are you surprised to be where you are?

"I think I understand what the viewer means. was a shock, a very pleasant shock, that my campaign has received so much attention from the media and other politicians. I did not enter this race for hubris, but to get issues I felt were important to us all onto the table. Questions about the underlying motives and structure of our Alliance. Questions over how the Galaxy Alliance can start to serve the citizens better. I think what we are seeing in the polls and in the media...and can I just add that many a great politician has advised we should not put our stock in any polling data...anyway, what we are seeing in the polls is the real desire of the people for change. They want change, they want a fairer and more equal Alliance. One that works for them. And I am glad that my campaign has struck a resonance chord within the hearts of many - I have always served the Alliance, as my opponent has, and I believe that if we have a good honest and positive debate, the people of the Alliance will feel better for it. I know people are surprised by the fact I'm running in both ballots on my home world, both for Senator and for Chancellor, but I think it is important that the people of Ferasa have the opportunity to make their own judgments on me as their senator, aside from the Chancellorship debate."

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