Senator Releases Hold; Secession Hearings Resume

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IC Date: Sat Jun 7 2403

PARIS, EARTH (INW) - The Senator from Bolarus released his hold on Senate proceedings earlier today after weeks of intense negotiating by members of the High Council. Upon the session being called back to order, the Senate Committee of the Interior immediately scheduled the further hearings on the bill for Beeraxi Secession, to occur in a few hours.

The Senate has been in a standstill since the Bolian Senator demanded quorum counts for even the most minute of parliamentary procedures in protest of the Alliance Chancellor's halting of elections. Sources close to the subject indicate that Bolarus has received a number of supporters for his own bills currently pending in exchange for allowing normal business to resume.

The Alliance Committee of the Interior will begin its proceedings in the Senate Chambers at 08:00 AM June 8th, 2403.

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