Servicemembers AWOL Because Starfleet Can't Pay

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SPACEDOCK (INW) - Starfleet is reeling after record numbers of active-duty officers and enlisted men and women have left the service. Unconfirmed reports show as much as 25% of active duty and reserve members of the Alliance Military have either put in for retirement, for discharge requests or have simply gone AWOL.

Sources within the Department of Starfleet and the Ministry of Defense speaking on the condition of anonymity have indicated that most of those leaving the service are doing so because of unpaid payroll, with many officers not receiving any payment at all for their service within the past two years. INW has been able to corroborate this story with a number of AWOL service members, who asked not to be identified for fear or reprisal.

The Ministry of Defense, Starfleet Office of the Public Liaison and the Office of the Chancellor did not return requests for comment by press time.

(Stardate: 79296.61 - Thu Apr 19 06:19:60 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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