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Moriah Seryl
Rank: Branch Admiral R-a1.png
Title: Chief of Starfleet Science
Race: Trill
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Command)

One of the oldest Trill symbionts, Seryl is approximately 700 years old, predating both Trill’s entry into the Federation, as well as the Federation itself. Throughout its long life, the symbiont and its various hosts have been noted for their scientific brilliance and curiosity, diplomatic acumen, and for better or worse, independent spirit. The latter hosts, from Taranis Seryl onward, have been noted for their service off-world, often within the Federation or as Starfleet officers. Moriah Seryl, the tenth and current host, has proved no exception. She has been a noted scientist, governmental liaison, member of the Alliance government, and member of the Admiralty during her long service.


Previous Hosts

Jezer Seryl, was the head of the Royal Science Academy during the flourishing of scientific achievement in the areas of advanced physics. Jezer herself wrote many ground breaking treatises on the nature of space, time, and matter, and her work is still considered fundamental to the field, even centuries later. Jezer lived utterly devoted to her work, and though propositioned by many Joined men of high status, never married or had children, and died peacefully at the age of 90, her mind still sharp and active.

Lym Seryl, the second host, was an experimental pilot during Trill's first days with impulse drive, and their first steps toward warp drive. Combined with Jezer's knowledge, Lym was one of the top pilots, though still quite the hot-shot, very proud of his work. He married, and had 3 children, living to an old age, seeing his grandchildren grow.

Karela Seryl, the third host, was a sectorial governor, a proud, arrogant woman who acted cruelly, even though the symbiont was opposed to Karela's actions. Karela was assasinated by an insurgency movement, the symbiont barely managing to survive.

Raesa Seryn, the 4th host, stricken with the memories of Karela, became a strong ambassador to the newly dicovered worlds in neighbouring systems, just after Trill achieved warp capability. She was passionate for peace, and near the end of her life was one of the first Trill to make contact with the Federation.

Tarys Seryn, the 5th host, was a court musician and prominent composer. His works have had as much longevity as Seryl itself, and a well known throughout the quadrant. Tarys was part of a small group sent to Vulcan, and was well recieved by the Vulcans, who were quite fascinated by the Trill. Alzia Seryl, the 6th host, was an explorer, who spent her life charting the new worlds that warp travel had layed within the reach of the Trill populace. She was bold, daring, perhaps overly bold, as she was fatally wounded climbing the ice-cliffs of Tarakis IV, barely managing to cling to life before another host could be found.

Lia Seryl, the 7th host, was one of the heads of research for the Symbiosis Institute, a devoted, practical woman, who in the course of her research to prevent symbiont rejection, found a substance that would render unJoined completely unsuitable for joining. Though the board would have used the substance, since the balance between demand for symbionts and supply was so off balance, Lia destroyed it, unable to do something so unethical. She was stripped of her position, and lived as an outcast the rest of her life.

Taranis Seryl, the 8th host, a friendly, charming, and very intelligent man, lived on Trill for very little of his Joined life, becoming a first contact advisor for the Federation, helping to bring about the enterance of many future Federation members. He did not long much for home, and never saw it after he left in his mid twenties. He was killed during a first encounter attempt gone horribly wrong, only a few months from his 60th birthday.

Tulus Seryl, the 9th and shortest lived host, was a Starfleet security officer, brave, courageous, and extremely hard headed. He was appointed Chief Security Office on the Odyssey, but was transferred, along with a good portion of his troops, to Earth, to try to defend the planet from the Borg. He was assimilated, but then severely wounded by one of the few of his fighters left, kept alive until a new host could be found.

Pre-Joined Life

Born to loving yet stern Joined parents, Moriah Jelen showed considerable intellectual promise as a young child, and hence began her grooming for the Initiate program at the age of four. It was a grueling process, and though the young and rather awkward girl succeeded, she constantly felt as if she could never meet her parents’ high expectations. As a teenager, her gift for the sciences, namely physics, came to the fore, and by the time she completed her Initiate training, she had earned a doctorate in Theoretical Physics. But that drive to prove herself led her to apply to Starfleet Academy, as a symbiont was not immediately forthcoming, even given her achievements. That would not come until the fateful invasion of Earth by the Borg. The only Trill Initiate to escape Earth, Moriah was the only means to saving the Seryl symbiont, whose host, Tulus, had been assimilated, and then mortally wounded.

Post-Joined Service

Despite her extensive training, the Joining was incredibly traumatic, and now Moriah Seryl spent the remainder of the war recovering on Trill. Following her convalescence – and the end of the conflict – Seryl was posted to the USS Normandy, under the command of Kyle Richards. Her scientific acumen soon earned her a promotion to Chief Science Officer; her emotions soon led her to enter into a relationship with her commanding officer. This relationship endured the scrutiny of other officers, a disastrous mission on a pre-First Contact world, and a mysterious (and later incredibly classified) encounter with a Borg Vessel and a rift in time.

Shortly after this mission, her and Richards were married, and on their honeymoon promptly captured by a Cardassian with a bitter hatred for her husband. They escaped and were recovered, but the demands of the service soon separated them. Seryl was assigned to the USS Essex, under the command of Corion Rel, and shortly to USS Odyssey. The Odyssey was also the birthplace of her twin children, James and Morrigan Richards.

Under her tenure as Chief Science Officer, the Odyssey was key in investigating the spatio-temporal anomalies in the Bajoran system that was soon revealed to be the wormhole, or the Celestial Temple of the Bajoran religion. Surface teams also discovered a ancient Bajoran city, hidden by time, and an Orb of the Prophets still in its shrine. She received a promotion to Lt. Commander and a commendation for her role, but this time of happiness was cut short by her mysterious illness and disappearance following her appointment as an Academy instructor. Found by fellow science officer and friend, []Trex]] Trasera, in those very ruins, she eventually recovered aboard the Nadeisico.

The remainder of her career in Starfleet was initially less dramatic, as she was assigned to the USS Sagan to conduct research near Beerax, the James Cook, and the Yamaguchi as their Chief Science Officer. She slowly ascended the ranks as well, to Commander, Captain, and then finally Branch Admiral.

But larger forces were afoot, and at the rumblings of discord and whisperings of civil war, Seryl made a request to leave science, and serve instead as the Starfleet Liasion to the High Council. She hoped, again with the aid of Trex Trasera, to uncover Haile Ritter’s intentions, but just as she discovered pivotal information, she was caught in the attack on Qo’nos. Severely wounded in the attack, one of the few survivors, she spent the remainder of the war serving as the ADF’s chief scientist in her long convalescence.

Following the Civil War’s closure, Seryl deepened her ties to diplomacy by resigning her commission and taking the position of Minister of State. She secured the re-entry of the Cardassian Union into the Alliance, as well as the eventual return of the Orbs to Bajor, which was now her spiritual home since the time of her disappearance there. Her duty and family life seemingly stable for once, and yet this peace was shattered when Kyle Richards was killed in an heroic mission against the Borg.

Seryl found widowhood, with two children just coming into adolescence, sat heavily on her shoulders, and a few years after Kyle’s death, the Minister of State simply vanished from Earth with her two children. For eight years, her whereabouts were unknown, as she lived in a small homestead on Bajor. She emerged, finally, spurred on perhaps by guilt, perhaps by faith, to resume her life beyond the safety of her adopted home. After the seemingly miraculous reappearance of Admiral Rel, who had vanished, presumably killed, in a subspace rift, shortly before her earlier disappearance, Seryl decided to return to her other home, Starfleet, as the Chief of Starfleet Science.

Medals & Awards

Distinguished-service-medal.png Defense-superior-service-medal.png Legion-of-merit.png Golden-starburst.png
Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry-2x.png Purple-heart.png Meritorious-service-medal.png Space-medal.png
Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Combat-action-ribbon-4x.png Good-conduct-medal-5x.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon-3x.png
Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-ab.png Exploration-service-ribbon.png Installation-service-ribbon.png
Borg-war-ribbon-c4.png Breen-war-ribbon-c3.png Freedom-war-ribbon-c3.png Third-tzenkethi-war-ribbon.png
Row 1 Starfleet Cross
Row 2 Distinguished Service Medal Defense Superior Service Medal Legion of Merit
Golden Starburst
Row 3 Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (x2) Purple Heart Meritorious Service Medal Space Medal
Row 4 Joint Service Medal of Achievement Combat Action Ribbon (x4) Good Conduct Medal (x5) Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon (x3)
Row 5 Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon Milky Way Exploration Ribbon
(with Alpha and Beta devices)
Exploration Service Ribbon Installation Service Ribbon
Row 6 Borg War Ribbon
(with four campaign stars)
Breen War Ribbon
(with three campaign stars)
Freedom War Ribbon
(with three campaign stars)
Third Tzenkethi War Ribbon
Row 7 Wolf 359 Memorial Ribbon
  • Letter of Commendation (**)
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