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Eka Shakaar Jula
Rank: Colonel
Title: Commanding Officer
Assignment: Starbase Chandali
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor (Bajoran Defense Force Militia)

Colonel Eka Shakaar Jula, KCB, NSE, SS, IMM, HMD presently serves as Commanding Officer on Starbase Chandali.



Shakaar Jula was born on Bajor in 2399 to a Starfleet Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, Shakaar Lei, and her homemaker husband, Adron. She had no siblings due to the severe schedule in which her mother had to adhere to. When Bajor broke away from the Galaxy Alliance in 2405 for their own independence, the family took upon the opportunity and transitioned to Bajoran citizenship. Shakaar Lei was offered the rank of Color Sergeant within the Bajoran Defense Force Militia. They maintained military housing within Jalanda, with her mother working out of the main base.

She was raised with the masculine guidance of her father, but the strong military influence of her mother and the Defense Force Militia. She was strong willed, yet shaped and guided by the military minds around her. Her friends tended to be other children on the Militia base, and so many of them had the same upbringing and quirks of being military brats.

Education for Jula was a slow start, in which she had some difficulty with a form of dyslexia, but constant working with tutors showed her to be a brilliant mind. The moment they found the source of the difficulty, it was resolved, her interest exploded and she dug into her work.

In secondary education, she earned several scholarships due to her bright mind and interest in direct leadership. Feeling a move to enlist might not fully take advantage of her work, she instead took the recommendation of her family and applied to the Military Academy on Bajor. After four years, she earned a degree in tactical operations. She was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 2422.


Row 1 Most Honourable Order of Bajor
Eka Canan Dar'Kasha (KCB)
Most Noble Star of Eminence Star of Sacrifice (****)
Row 2 Illustrious Medallion of Meress (#) Honourable Medallion of Dahkur Medal of Resistance (##****)
Row 3 Medal of Ha'dara (#) Hand of the Prophets (**) Medal of Gratitude (***)
  • Explosive Ordnance Ribbon
  • Foreign Service Ribbon
  • Letter of Commendation (#**)
  • Letter of Distinction (#)
  • Longevity Ribbon
  • Marksmanship Ribbon
  • Pilot Ribbon
  • Rapid Response Ribbon

RP Logs


1 Log compiled within IC year 2437.

Log Date Participants
Badly Begun (RP Log) 16 May 2016 Ruao, Senka, Shakaar


9 Logs compiled within IC year 2438.

Log Date Participants
Duties and Inspections (RP Log) 22 May 2016 Los, Shakaar
Command and Cowardice (RP Log) 31 May 2016 Senka, Shakaar
A Vexing Situation (RP Log) 31 May 2016 Los, Shakaar
Ward and Strained Relationship (RP Log) 7 June 2016 Davies, Dors, Los, Shakaar
From Illuminating to Awkward (RP Log) 24 June 2016 Adrinon, Senka, Shakaar, Vallar
Terok's Twin (RP Log) 25 June 2016 Dors, Shakaar
Failure to Communicate (RP Log) 25 June 2016 Los, Shakaar, Spiere
Concerns and Reassurances (RP Log) 28 June 2016 Los, Shakaar
Opinions Laid Bear (RP Log) 8 July 2016 Senka, Shakaar, Taxo


5 Logs compiled within IC year 2439.

Log Date Participants
How to Take a Beating (RP Log) 1 August 2016 Shakaar, Taxo, Tora
Aftermath (RP Log) 2 August 2016 Adrinon, Shakaar, Taxo, Tora
Security, Law and Mr. Sselon (RP Log) 11 September 2016 Los, Shakaar
A Souvenir for You (RP Log) 12 September 2016 Kailyn, Los, Shakaar, Tora
Reason For a Visit (RP Log) 13 September 2016 Kailyn, Los, Shakaar


1 Log compiled within IC year 2440.

Log Date Participants
Over Cardassian Drinks (RP Log) 12 October 2016 Shakaar, Tora
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