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Anne Sheffield
Rank: Commander R-o5.png
Title: Executive Officer, USS Defiant (NCC-90002)
Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)

Anne Sheffield, M.D. is a Starfleet officer and physician, originally specializing in pharmacological research, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and experimental surgeries. She currently serves as the Executive Officer of the USS Excalibur (NCC-90002).



Born to a Terran family from England, Anne Sheffield was the third of four children of Michael Sheffield, a computer diagnostician, and Jane Blanche, a sculptor. Anne was quickly thought of as the ugly duckling of her family. While not directly unattractive, she lacked the level of beauty of her two sisters and parents, and grew into a larger frame than even her brother. She tried her best to gain her parents attention, however, by excelling in school sports. Her parents and siblings, however, were not impressed at a proficiency for women's football or rugby. Around the time she was fifteen, she refocused her education at home away from the arts curriculum her parents set towards one of math and science and discovered she had an incredible proficiency for complex mathematics and chemistry.

Anne's parents took no particular notice of their daughter's intelligence until they noticed she had not only applied, but had been accepted to Starfleet Academy on the medical track. She flourished at the Academy, a winning herself friends from both academic and athletic circles. After the standard curriculum, Anne moved on to medical school, where she finished first in her class.

Not long after her medical graduation, however, the Borg war began, and she lost her entire immediate family on Earth, though she had been out of active contact with them for some time. In Starfleet, Anne's initial assignment was to be a travelling research physican, transferring to dozens of different ships and starbases for specialty pharmacological research and unusual surgeries. She yearned to be given a Borg assignment, but this wish was never granted until after the Borg wars. In the following years, Dr. Sheffield finally settled down as Chief Medical Officer of Starbase 74 before being assigned as Chief Surgeon of Spacedock.

Starfleet Service Record

  • C-o1.png Stardate 41358.92: Completes undergraduate coursework at Starfleet Academy.
  • C-o2.png Stardate 44330.82: Completes Medical School.
  • C-o2.png Stardate 44331.82: Itenerant Medical Research Specialist, reporting to Starfleet Medical Headquarters.
  • C-o3.png Stardate 49982.87: Promoted to Full Lieutenant, assigned to Starbase 74 as Chief Medical Officer.
  • C-o3.png Stardate 67508.90: Reassigned to Spacedock as Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Chief Surgeon.
  • C-o4.png Stardate 71534.24: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  • C-o4.png Stardate 74038.11: Reassigned to USS Indefatigable as Chief Medical Officer
  • C-o4.png Stardate 74488.98: Transferred to USS Shutsugun with the Indefatigable crew.
  • C-o4.png Stardate 76192.59: Transferred to Starfleet Academy for Command Training
  • R-o4.png Stardate 77196.01: Completed command training, transferred from Medical to Command, assigned to Branch Admiral Giovanni on USS Enterprise NCC-1701-G for a classified project.
  • R-o4.png Stardate 79266.84: Assigned to USS Excalibur NCC-90003 as Chief Medical Officer.
  • R-o5.png Stardate 81652.18: Promoted to Commander
  • R-o5.png Stardate 81653.48: Assigned to USS Defiant NCC-90002 as Executive Officer.
  • R-o6.png Stardate 82860.69: Promoted to Captain, assigned to USS Akagi NX-90000 as Strategic Operations Officer to the Chief of Starfleet Operations.


  • Space Medal
  • Unit Commendation Ribbon
  • Combat Action Ribbon (**)


  • Borg War Ribbon
  • Medical Triage Certification
  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Scanner Certification
  • Engineering System Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Medical Equipment Certification
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