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Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Birthdate: 2366
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance
Kingdom of Eden
Status: Retired Character

Shintu Onimusha first joined Starfleet during the Freedom War. Over the course of his career, Shintu served in a variety of roles, including security, engineering and armory. Two major wars have dominated his time in Starfleet: The Freedom War and Tzenkethi War. He is one of a few Starfleet personnel to ever retire with a low rank after serving eighteen years. He currently works for Kingdom of Eden as the Provisional Trade Captain of the BCS Hermes


Early Years

Shintu Onimusha was born aboard the colony ship three months after the Borg incursion of 2366. Most of Shintu's childhood and teenage years were spent aboard the ship. The colony ship of over a thousand had pointed in a direction that took them towards the Alpha Delta quadrant. As time would go by, the colonial ship and two starfleet vessels would attempt to colonize class M planets that they happened upon. Each time, however, they would find the Borg too close, or in orbit of the planet.

In 2370, one such encounter almost cost him his life. After a survey of a class M planet, and deep space scans to see if any Borg vessels were nearby, the colonial ship began colonization of the planet. A few weeks in to the colonization, the Starfleet vessels engaged a Borg cube. Starfleet officers were sent down to the planet to round up the colonist and escort them to the away points for beam out. After the destruction of the first vessel, the cube drew closer to the planet and beamed down scouts. Shintu, only 4 at the time, ran with his parents and another group of colonists to the away point. Lost his mothers hand, he tripped and fell.

A pair of Starfleet officers scooped him up, while the second officer turned to protect the retreating officer and child. Shintu watched from over his shoulder as the officer was assimilated. After the attacks, the Colony ship continued towards the Delta Quadrant. In 2375, however, they turned to head for Bajoran space and to Starbase 902.

The Onimusha family attempted to open a restaurant on 902, however it folded after a few months. Instead, his father began assisting 902 as a civilian engineer and did mechanical work on the ships, which included repairs. His mother worked as a maid and school teacher.



Shintu joined Starfleet in 2387 at the rank of Ensign. He was assigned to the security division aboard the USS ThunderChild [NCC-74712]. He failed in an attempted rescue mission and was captured by the Alliance Defense force. After being brought up to current speed with the situation of Starfleet, Shintu decided to join the ADF. After the Freedom Wars, Shintu, along with the rest of Starfleet and the ADF was reassigned to Spacedock. Shintu was then given assignment to USS Indomidable [NCC-64005] as a Security Officer.

in 2389, Shintu Onimusha had requested to join the Engineering Corps of Starfleet. over the next four years, Shintu would stay at the Academy, training to become an Engineer. At the end of the Academy years, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (JG). After his graduation from the Academy, Shintu was assigned to the USS Zhukov [NCC-26136] as an Engineer for six months before being reassigned to the Starfleet Logistics. Soon after the reassignment, Shintu was assigned to the USS Virginia Dare [NCC-32250] as the Second Officer and Engineering.

The USS Delta was destroyed in 2394. At the time, he was captured and detained by the Romulan Star Empire rogue shp. The Delta at the time was illegally towing a B'rel-Class through GA Space. He was handed over to the USS Enterprise [NCC-1701-G] before being transferred to Spacedock for trail. At the time, Medical Staff noted that he suffers from Retrograde Amnesia and would be unable to testify or provide any information regarding the illegal towing or destruction of the Delta. He is found not guilty by the Judge Advocate General

Throughout 2395, Shintu was transferred twice to two ships. In the early half of the year, he served on the USS Valkyrie [NCC-2590] as a Chief Engineer before being transferred to the USS Sutherland [NCC-8145] as a Armory Officer.

Shintu served aboad the USS Georgia during the Tzenkethi War. The ship was later destroyed and most of the crew was rescued, including Shintu Onimusha

In 2405, Shintu retired from Starfleet at rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. His retirement was due to the rapid inflation and trauma of continual service during wars.


Over the next eighteen years, he wondered from Earth to Bajor, Betazoid and a few other planets in search of tranquility and therapy. His wandering finally finally brought him back to Bajor in 2421. There he took up residency in the mountains before finding his way back to Deep Space Nine in 2423.

Shokai Industries

In 2423, Shintu was hired on by Shokai Industries as an Engineer officer. In that year, Shintu worked aboard the ccv Shokai as the engineer officer and later on the CCV Nikko Maru under the command of his old colleague, Captain Gregorio Giovanni. On Stardate 100730.65, Shintu was captured by the Cardassian Union. His guard, Glinn MarSek tortured and brainwashed Shintu with an experimental chip that controlled his short term memory. After several weeks of detainment, Shintu was released. After his release, he was fired from Shokai Industries before being rehired after they assessed his detainment and AWOL.

MarSek plotted his revenge against Kainon Essa for years and Shintu was the product of his revenge. Using him as a tool, MarSek worked Shintu in to a position to attack and assassinate Kainon Essa. However, he did not prepare for Ds9's quick uncovering strange signals being sent to Shintu. Nor was he prepared for a Vulcan's deduction. The attempted Assassination of the commodore failed when Senka was able to deduce a hypothesis which caused Shintu to take action then, instead of at the appropriate time and date. Senka was able to remove the chip and store it as evidence and shintu was placed into detainment on Deep Space Nine. A few days later, MarSek attempted to gain access to the cell and began poisoning Shintu with carbon monoxide. on February 22nd, Shintu woke with retrograde amnesia.

Finding it hard to deal with the amnesia and people who knew him, Shintu retreated to his private quarters on the station. Later on, he purchased quarters on SpaceDock and quit Shokai Industries.

Kingdom of Eden

After six months in staying on SpaceDock, Shintu returned to Deep Space Nine. He was able to recall most of what was hidden in the amnesia. However, once back he Found himself unable to rebuild a life back on the station. Soon after his return, Shintu sent an application to Lord Regent Trex of the Beeraxi province and space station Kingdom of Eden. On Stardate 101540.76, he was hired by Ambrosia Incorporated with rank of Squire. His assignment was to the BCS Hermes as the Provisional Trade Captain.

Stardate 101815.74

After transporting Nevus Qie Vaore to Eliajith Station, Vaore requested Shintu to beam him and a obelisk aboard from the station. After the transport, the proceeded at warp away from the station. Eliajith Station locked weapons on them as the fled and he was informed by Vaore that they had stole back a relic object. Eliajith Station posted a bounty of 2 billion on the Warrants and Bounties page.

Continuing on course for Mining station A3-7, Shintu turned the ship for Betazed. Thirty-four minutes out from Betazed, BCS Hermes was contacted by CCV Tikopai which was captained by Jack Jakthor. Captain Jakthor attempted to negotiate Shintu's surrender, of which refused; citing the safety of his crew and the return of the Bajoran artifact to Bajor came first and would surrender at Deep Space Nine. Vaore was brought on to the bridge as proof of his claim. Still unable to resolve the issue, Vaore seized control of the flight deck with a phaser and then attempted to negotiate with Captain Jakthor. By this time, Hermes flight was slowly adjusted on a heading to take it around Cardassia space and to Deep Space Nine. The Tikopai decloaked and began firing upon the Hermes but quit after talks began between Deep Space Nine and the Tikopai and Ds9 and Hermes. It was then revealed that Lieutenant Colonel Ava was in the know of the mission to recover the object. After lengthy talks with the Tikopai, they agreed to a meeting on Deep Space Nine. Hermes docked with the station and was clamped down.

As the meeting was still being planned, Shintu contacted Captain Jakthor on Stardate 101836.09. He informed the man that he was going to surrender to him as he original proposed.



The Onimusha family was a prominent family class on Shikoku island prior to 2366. Many of the family members served on SpaceDock and Earth's border patrol for Starfleet as well as diplomats and engineers in the Sol fleet yards. During the incursion, most of the Onimusha family was wiped out. Houshu and Kathy Onimusha, their three kids, his uncle and grandparents on his fathers side were the only known survivors. His mothers side of the family was assimilated by the Borg.

Aboard the Colonial ship, Houshu was the cook and an engineer for the ship. Kathy was a nurse aid and school grade teacher. After reaching 902, the family settled on the station and began working in various departments as civilians. in 2387, the Starbase 902 was destroyed by Bajoran resistance fighters. the destruction claimed the life of his siblings, parents and grandparents.


Niian Inara

After his arrival on Deep Space Nine, Shintu began seeing Niian Inara, the science officer for the station. The relationship blossomed as the two spent more time together but quickly fell apart after the MarSek's foiled plot. With the Amnesia, Shintu had no memory of the two's life together. After leaving Ds9 for over six months and piecing the lost memories together, Shintu returned to see Niian Inara. They began dating once more shortly before he left for Eliajith Station.

Emily Williams

Shintu had a brief fling with Emily Williams while dating Niian Inara. The relationship never moved beyond kissing and sharing quarters on the CCV Nikko Maru. After his Amnesia, Shintu Pursued after Williams several times in an attempt to have a relationship with her, all the while not knowing about Inara. The relationship dissolved into simple friends after Shintu left without telling Emily and Emily joined Starfleet.


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