Ship sales down: Costs continue to rise

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IC Date: Wed Aug 6 2403

BETA CORIGULAE (INW) - New starship prices continue to climb as economic woes inside of the Galaxy Alliance puts strain on independent ship fitters. Stellar Dynamics Systems announced today that it would have to raise prices of its luxury starships by almost thirty percent.

"We've absorbed a lot of the rising material costs over the last few years," explains Annalisa Pierson, CEO of Stellar Dynamics Systems, based on Tranquility Station. "Our costs are going up while sales are going down."

Analysts estimate that every ship fitter that does business with the GA is going through similar conditions.

"SDS has a healthy cash reserve-- we know that-- they'll survive. Who we're concerned about are the little guys, the independent drydocks. We've already seen a number of them fold up," a high-ranking GA commerce analyst tells INW. "So much for my dream of buying a little yacht for retirement."

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