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Shra'Hawk, son of Ker'Aq
Rank: Admiral
Title: Deputy Chief of Starfleet Operations
Race: Klingon
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Command)



Shra'Hawk was born on Qo'nos in 2327, and is the eldest son of Ker'Aq and K'Rina, of the house of Tarnok. His younger brother, Ker'ak, was born in 2329.

During their youths, Shra'Hawk and Ker'ak spent much time together, learning from their father, who had retired from the KDF shortly after the birth of his second son, leaving the fleet at the rank of HoD after a very distinguished career.

Shra'Hawk and his brother also helped their mother and father maintain their small house on Qo'nos, learning the value of honor and family as well as the many other traditions taught to Klingon youths. Shra'Hawk, as well as learning these values, also grew to love the hunt, as well as the combat training, both with the traditional Klingon weapons, and without.

In addition to his father's other teachings, Shra'Hawk learned that it was more often wise for one to think before taking wreckless, impulsive actions. He also was taught that learning to understand one's opponent through study and observation could be a very valuable tool in times of hostility and great risk.

Although he spent time with his family during his youth, Shra'Hawk also spent time alone, exploring the many aspects of Qo'nos, and using the time to hunt and practice his skills, or to think over the teachings of his parents.

When Shra'Hawk was of age, he applied too and was accepted at the Klingon Defense Force academy, where he spent the next four years. Due to his fathers teachings, and his own aptitude to learn, shra'Hawk did very well at the academy, remaining an extra year to further his studies of ship tacticcal and engineering systems.

Although these were his two areas of most concentration, he also received training, like other Klingon fleet officers, in many other areas of ship operations, including command. After graduating in 2346, he joined the crew of the IKS Hurgh'Jaw, a K'vort class Bird of Prey, as it's tactical officer. Several years later,

Shra'Hawk had to assume command of the Hurgh'Jaw when her captain and first officer were killed during a border skirmish with a RSE vessel. After the destruction of the RSE vessel, the Hurgh'Jaw was transfered to another of the KDF fleets, and Shra'Hawk was assigned to the Iks Chuchleth, a Vor'cha class attack cruiser.

After several years of duty on the Chuchleth, Shra'Hawk had attained the rank of Sogh ra'wI' (Lt. commander). In 2363, after the death of his mate in another border skirmish with RSE vessels, Shra'Hawk left KDF fleet service to spend several years in contemplation and study on the planet of boreH.

When the Borg attacked the Federation in 2366, Shra'Hawk returned to KDF service, realizing that his tallents and abilities could be best used there, in defense of his people and their honor. He was reassigned to the IKS Chuchleth as her second officer. While assigned to the Chuchleth during this period, he took part in the battle that resulted in the destruction of the first Borg cube after the assimilation of Earth, as well as being present as a support vessel during the evaccuation of the planet Vulcan.

After the formation of the Galaxy Alliance, and the reformation of Starfleet, Shra'Hawk returned to his homeworld of Qo'nos, to aid in instruction at the new Starfleet Academy, as well as to further his own studies.

Service Record



Starfleet-cross.png Defense-distinguished-service-medal-3x.png Distinguished-service-medal-3x.png Defense-superior-service-medal-4x.png
Bronze-star.png Medal-of-valor-2x.png Legion-of-honor.png Nebula-star-3x.png
Golden-starburst.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry-7x.png Purple-heart-3x.png Silver-palm-2x.png
Meritorious-service-medal-4x.png Space-medal.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Starfleet-commendation-medal-6x.png
Combat-action-ribbon-17x.png Command-service-medal-9x.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon-4x.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon-12x.png
Good-conduct-medal-14x.png Marine-corps-service-bar.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png Installation-service-ribbon.png
Bajoran-service-ribbon.png Borg-war-ribbon-c4.png Breen-war-ribbon.png Freedom-war-ribbon.png
Row 1 Starfleet Cross Defense Distinguished Service Medal (x3) Distinguished Service Medal (x3) Defense Superior Service Medal (x4)
Row 2 Bronze Star Medal of Valor (x2) Legion of Honor
Nebula Star (x3)
Row 3 Golden Starburst Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (x7) Purple Heart (x3) Silver Palm (x2)
Row 4 Meritorious Service Medal (x4) Space Medal Joint Service Medal of Achievement Starfleet Commendation Medal
Row 5 Combat Action Ribbon (x17) Command Service Medal (x9) Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon (x4) Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon (x6)
Row 6 Good Conduct Medal (x14) Marine Corps Service Bar Border Patrol Service Ribbon Installation Service Ribbon
Row 7 Bajoran Service Ribbon Borg War Ribbon
(with five campaign shields)
Breen War Ribbon
(with three campaign shields)
Freedom War Ribbon
Row 8 Wolf 359 Memorial Ribbon
(obsolete award)


  • SF Unit Excellence Ribbon
  • Marine Corps Service Bar
  • Andor Campaign Ribbon
  • Bajor Campaign Ribbon
  • Battle of Wolf 359 Memorial Ribbon
  • Borg War Ribbon
  • Breen War Ribbon
  • Cirrius Prime Campaign Ribbon
  • Freedom War Ribbon
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Terran Campaign Ribbon
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Weapons Certification
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