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Jax Silosi is a traveling chemist and noted occultist.

Jax Silosi
Personal Profile
Race Trill
Gender Female
Height 1.81m
Weight 60kg
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Brown / Green
Religion Neognosticism
Birth Records
Birthdate 87992.84
Birthplace Sol III


My name is Jax Silosi, born on Earth in the city of Vancouver, BC to my mother, Azuri, and father, Syan on stardate 87992.84. I was the first and only child.

As of yet, I have lived a life that can hardly be considered normal: I've received an excellent education, I've always had time to do what I wish, and both of my parents are still alive. It is strikingly odd how everything has gone well for me, and all of the pieces that make up my life have fit together so easily. Though it is rather boring how every day, nothing is new; there is no adventure. Everything is simple, dull, flat, dry, and predictable. Those around me complain about economics and diplomacy, while I only experience small inconveniences too insignificant to be of note. Or perhaps the others around me are just mentally weak, and lack the psychological stamina to withstand even the smallest problems. Unfortunately, I will be forever unsure.

I studied medicine at the University of Cairo for two years before I left the school to focus on my own personal educational endeavours. During my time at the college, I found myself far more caught up in my own side projects than any assignment I was given. My colleagues and I were synthesising asinolyathin, chronexaline, kelotane, and various other drugs and for once I thought to myself that I'd be doing something good in the galaxy, helping people. At several points I was able to speak with pharmacists about their job, and I was completely fascinated. I was fascinated by the fact that these people spent years and years in college just to become mindless workers in a dull, tedious, and stressful line of work. It's as if they had reached a mental breaking point where they became so possessed by the process of their work that they lost (or perhaps disregarded) their intuition entirely. It's not just that I didn't want to become them, but rather that I didn't want to work with them or spend the rest of my life doing what they do. I seek thrill. I seek my own True Will. Consequently, I left the school to follow my own path. While I was at it, I left the Galaxy Alliance as well; my exceedingly anarchic outlook on galactic civilisation wasn't exactly serving me well as a GA citizen.

To occupy my time, I've decided to focus on chemistry, and have also dabbled heavily in the arts of information technology; it's all just numbers, always so easy and satisfying. Although I was already relatively proficient in synthesising pharmaceutical compounds, I decided to start making narcotics and entheogens. I took my chances with methylenedioxymethamphetamine, but the result of the first batch was somewhat disappointing, with a purity of only 52.8%. I, in some ways, regret leaving the University as there are some files in the library that I no longer have access to; it appears that I had overlooked the privileges and conveniences I had while there. Although my now limited resources made synthesis difficult, it is certainly a field worth pursuing, and so I shall.

It wouldn't be incorrect to call me an idealist, and perhaps a bit controversial of a person, but there's three reasons I do what I do:

For the good of The Universe.
For the good of the beings within it.
And for my own enjoyment.

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