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Rank: Captain G-o3.png
Title: Commanding Officer, Bravo Company, First Battalion, 506th Regiment, 17th MEB (assigned to USS Yorktown)
Race: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Marine Expeditionary Forces)

Born after the evacuation of Vulcan, Sirac was born to his father Lorak and mother P'lara on the world of Stebben II. A difficult birth for his mother, and he was an only child because of it. Both of whom were citizens of Vulcan, his father a hunter that protected the town from wild mountain animals, his mother a humble housewife who also worked in the nearby monastery in bookkeeping. After the Evacuation, those from that town reunited on Stebben II, choosing to rebuild together their community. The township which his parents lived in soon had a small school-monastery run by the monks. This school is what he had attended. He spent most of his time at the 'boarding school', learning of his homeworld, and its' culture, for they were stubborn one could say about keeping true to what it meant to be a Vulcan. He learned the way of Logic, withdrawing from emotions and learning deep meditative techniques for self control. He also learned Kareel-ifla, a vulcan martial arts similar to Karate - focused on ritualism and form, as well as unarmed defense and melee weaponry. However, it can still be deadly when used right, although there were strict rules on its' use. It was considered quite 'brutish', but has continued on Stebben II mainly because of the monks. He has proved adept at it to say the least. Though he did not understand yet the impact of Vulcans' destruction, he understood how much of a tragedy it was, and devoured all information he could upon the subject, history and culture of his lost planet. A world he would never know.

Physically he was born smaller than most vulcan children, and remains on the low end of the size scale. But his father treated him no different than if he had been born a much larger boy. In the eyes of Lorak and Sirac it meant that much more that he proved himself that much more. And that was logical. He did not partake in the traditional survival rite of Vulcan children - Stebben II was much calmer than Vulcan was and it seemed illogical and pointless, despite many who did continue the ritual. As he grew into his teens, he still lagged behind physically - at least to the visual eye, but like many instances he tried only harder, perfecting his style and finesse physically, and many of the Monks became impressed (by vulcan standards) by his own mental focus. It was hoped by them that he would continue their legacy, for recruits were few and they were aging. One particular monk had taken a liking to him - Vorak, one of the more studious monks. Oftentimes the two would sit and talk together for hours, typically about logic and the history of Vulcan. Vorak's sadness was quite evident to Sirac, although neither spoke of it at all. Vorak himself was a bit of an oddity - he always had trouble controlling his emotions and thus retired to the life of a Monk to ensure he could keep straight to the path.

When he completed his schooling at age twenty three, he came to a hard decision - it was hoped by many he would remain on Stebben II. But with reluctance he gave his decision - he was joining Starfleet Marine Corps. They needed the men badly and he could perhaps, make a difference to keep what happened to Vulcan and Earth from happening again. So it was a solemn day when he departed for the base on Bajor to begin training.

When he was twenty two, he moved to join the Starfleet Marine Corps, finding it fulfilling to his wishes of protecting others. There, he trained in Starfleet martial arts of self defense as well, moving more publically to that technique, although he always kept his training in Kareel-Ifla in private, logically deciding that such a technique may be a hidden ace in the future of his career. Under marine training he toned and perfected his physical physique and mental capacity. He was brilliantly minded, ablel to take in information at an incredible rate and store it away. It unnerved a few other recruits at how easily he could recite regulations or instructions, to the point of almost being able to echo the instructors' accent. As the only Vulcan in that class at the time, he was oftentimes alone, but took solace in his solitude. But he did make a few good friends amongst the humans finally in the last two years of training, when he began to offer small tips and helpful assistance for classroom studies.

The year he graduated was the year that Stebbe II was razed. It hit him hard, though as a vulcan he just swallowed it back and held it within, retreating further into his duties and meditation. He never married, and yet has to go through Pon Farr curiously - one doctor thinks perhaps that the amount of physical exertion required by marine training delayed it. His parents did not survive the attack, and he was actually the only one left from the Monastery - the last survivor of that particular sect of studies and beliefs that started in the foothills of the L-Langon mountains of Vulcan so many centuries ago. He now continues his duties and studies alone, writing down all he learned so that it remained on-record. In his off time, he sought out books from that particular monastery and records, so that they would continue a legacy in private at least. He has a hatred for the Borg - no matter how hard he tried to extinquish it - and indeed, a fear as well, which he channeled both into his combat when the tie comes. But until then, they remained as embers, ready to flare up into fire, cooly smouldering at the back of his mind, buried under logic and regulation.

He graduated midway in his class from Marine camp, more determined than ever to keep Vulcan, and Stebben II, from ever happening again. He was an enthusiastic member of the forces that retook Stebben from the Tzenkethi and others. At one point during actual ground mission, he assisted in finding and helping survivors to rescue points. His knowledge of local terrain in the area he grew up in helped emmensely, although deep inside him, he was hurt badly as he saw the ruins of the Monastery school, and his home.

He spent the following years helping in rebuilding efforts before his duties took him back to the Spacedock to await further deployment.

CO of Baker Company, First Battalion, 506th Regiment, 17th Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

Room 12f01, deck 12, Forward Section, USS Yorktown NCC-90014



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