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Sivva Lasrak
Affiliation: None
Title: N/A
Race: Orion
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Nunyabidness


Sivva Lasrak is a woman who knows what she wants. However, it's clear that at times she's not able to tell other people, but at least, she knows. It could be either she doesn't know how to clearly express herself....or just that it is no one else's business but her own. Needless to say, she is not the stereotypical Orion that people assumes that she is.

She was born on the planet Botchok on September the 20th 2423 to parents Tharim and Desse Lasrak. She has two brothers, both younger than her, Doyle who is 18 and Alstair who is 16. She joined in on several archeological digs when scientists would come to work on the planet and heard about life outside of home and got more and more curious as the years passed. She was always academically gifted, though teachers had things to say about her behavior. When she was fifteen she was regularly helping on digs, cataloging artifacts and working as a general helper when she was offered employment and education to further her studies. Though her parents weren't exactly thrilled with her leaving home at such a young age but with her headstrong personality and tenacity, it was only a matter of time before she got her way. Sivva wanted to see the universe through her own eyes and outside of her word...not hear about it from others. It was time see what else was out there!

Education lasted for two years, and then Sivva was bored. She did some traveling to random systems, meeting people and learning about the world around her. The war was something that has been going on, but she managed to avoid most of the scuffles and takeovers of various locales, settling in at Spacedock as she looked for a job. Several offers came her way, but she wasn't tempted by the usual fare for an Orion woman. She knows what her charms are, but she wanted to make money and actually enjoy her work. There were even a few offers that almost got in trouble due to the nature of their requests but for once she kept her temper in check. No matter how many people asked her if she was for sale....she did not punch them.

She chartered herself on several civilian vessels, learning how to trade and fly enough that she would be able to attract the type of job she wanted. She researched some of the civilian companies, wanting to - at first- attempt to work with scientists doing artifact work. During the war that type of work is hard to find so she then focused on the trading between worlds. Realizing that there wasn't many companies that were hiring, she contacted an old friend from school and found that she was working for the kind of company that she was looking for. After setting up a meeting and getting the initial interview, she happened to meet up with Olivia Locke who seemed just the type of person to work. With them having a similar work ethic and personality, Sivva figured that this woman could be the one to continue teaching her what she knows and to get where she wants in life.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Sivva is an Orion. Though that it is seen that her kind are thought to be less intelligent, she seems to prove that stigma wrong when given the chance. However...push her too far and you will see that temper they seem to be known for at time.
  • Archaeology is her passion. Ever since she was a child and inadvertently ended up on a dig, she fell in love with discovering things from the past. She event went to school for it before deciding to pursue a different route.
  • Her past doesn't add up if one pays close attention. She went to school for archaeology but quit so suddenly. Also for someone that comes off as giggly and the like....ask to 'train' with her....but she's combat trained.


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