Slaying the Monster (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
07 Feb 2014

Telepathy (Astor-Cross): Astor-Cross chuckles, "It could be." And then a change in her demenor. There is a sense of determination.

Telepathy (Senka): You sense him realize the shift in demeanor. He probes its meaning gently.

Telepathy (Astor-Cross): Only one word is heard, "Sorin"

Telepathy (Senka): "To be transfered to Bajor forthwith."

Telepathy (Astor-Cross): In your mind you hear, "No." and then you see her walking out of her quarters. Her stride clipped and determined. out

Station Security [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to the security area is simple but effective. Around a small bend is the passage to the brig section. Through a small corridor then a secured door is the local armor for security personnel.

Astor-Cross is thrown back by the field over Cell Block.
You can't go that way.

Telepathy (Senka): "You are proceeding to the brig?" You sense alarm.

Telepathy (Astor-Cross): Not proceeding. I am there.

Telepathy (Senka): you sense Senka preparing to report there himself. He does not know the state of the prisoner's telepathic suppressant levels at the moment.

> Public Address < Commodore Astor-Cross says, "Lieutenant Commander Sirac to security"

The door leading to Promenade slides open.
Sirac arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Promenade slides closed.

Astor-Cross is standing looking at the cell block doors, "I'd like to go in there."

Sirac enters from the corridor, and raises an eyebrow "My orders were only that those authorized by Commodore Kainon could see the prisoner. May I inquire as to why?" he asks.

Astor-Cross turns around and says, "It is no longer Commodore Kainon and my reasons for seeing the prisoner are personal. Open the doors, please."

Sirac pauses "I am sorry ma'am, it is no longer Commodore Kainons'... decision? " he asks, honestly a little puzzled at her wording. He does though, start towards the cell blocks, as she DID outrank him "For safety purposes I would rather not open the cell door, but I can open this one for you to view him."

Astor-Cross nods, "I do not want to enter the cell with him. I want to speak with him if he is awake. If not, I want to observe him." She then adds, "He is no longer Commodore Kainon. He is Captain Kainon."

The forcefield in Cell Block fizzles as it disappears. A smooth British-accented male voice says, "Field over Cell Block from Station Security deactivated."

Sirac nods "Fair enough, although I do think the orders would still stand. THere are preparations for him to be moved immediately once I hear back from the Bajoran." he guestures for them both to enter

The door leading to Cell Block slides open.
Sirac leaves for Cell Block.
The door leading to Cell Block slides closed.
The door leading to Cell Block slides open.

Cell Block [Deep Space 9]
A monitoring console is located against the wall opposite from the brig cells. The console is used to monitor each cell's occupants and operate the forcefields. By each cell is a small control pad for operating each cell's field.

Cell 2
You see nothing special.

Looking through Cell 2, you see...
Brig Cell 2 [Deep Space 9]
A simple brig cell. Almost completely unaccomodating, save a single bed and toilet facilities.
Sorin is here.
Obvious exits:
[ Out <o> ]

The door is closed.
The panel by the door displays: Lock-level: 5

A forcefield shimmers over the exit.
The door leading to Security slides closed.

Astor-Cross stops at Cell 2 and just looks at the man there. Her hands are clasped behind her back.

Telepathy (Astor-Cross): In your mind you feel her barriers coming up and closing tight.

Sirac remains by the door behind Astor-Cross, his own hands at his sides as he watches.

Astor-Cross stares at the man and then speaks softly, "Why? I don't know you. I have never seen you before in my life, yet you call me Imzadi? I am not your Imzadi. I have one. My husband. The man whose name I share. Not you, never you."

Telepathy (Senka): Your mind is both too focused and too well-protected to sense the extent of Senka's response.

The door leading to Security slides open.
Senka arrives from Station Security.
The door leading to Security slides closed.

Senka enters the block, a hypospray in one hand.

Sirac observes, then turns to look at Senka enters. He raises an eyebrow and lifts an arm to keep the other Vulcan at the doorway, without speaking

Astor-Cross continues to speak to the man, "If I could get my hands around your neck right now I would kill you. I would kill you for putting me through hell for all these years. And I would not regret it, not one bit."

Senka shakes his head at SSirac, indicating that he too intends to observe. He shows him the hypo.

Astor-Cross appears to be extremely calm on the outside, but on the inside she is full of rage and anger. She continues to speak to the man, even though he does not hear, "I will make it my lifes mission to make sure you rot in hell. Rura Penthe is too good for you."

[Cell 2]: Sorin watches the group outside with little emotion in his eyes.

Sirac nods at Senka, and turns to continue to watch. He actually takes a step back at the wrath from the woman. After a few moments, he steps forwards, moving to try and lay a hand on Astor-Cross' shoulder.

Senka raises an eyebrow at the other Vulcan's overtly physical gesture.

Astor-Cross very calmly says, "Do not touch me."

Sirac nods "My apologies. I was merely showing concern." he states to her, and the hand drops immediately.

Telepathy (Sorin): *in your head, but very weak since he's under a mental suppressor* You don't remember me? We met once, a long time ago on Betazed.

Astor-Cross shakes her head, "No. I do not remember meeting you."

Senka remains a discrete distance from Astor-Cross and the force field. His alert gaze shifts between the woman and the prisoner.

[Cell 2]: Sorin closes his eyes. "I'm not surprised you don't remember. I do. You were nice to me."

The door leading to Security slides open.
Kainon arrives from Station Security.
The door leading to Security slides closed.

Astor-Cross remains standing with her hands behind her back, although those standing behind her would see her clenching them and unclenching them a number of times. "I'm nice to a number of people. They don't decide that I am their Imzadi or have an unhealthy obsession." She doesn't seem to notice anyone else in the room except for the man behind cell door 2

Sirac is standing in front of the door, although there is enough room behind him for people to enter. His arms were folded now as he simply watches.

Senka stands nearest Astor-Cross, his eyes flicking between her and the prisoner.

Kainon enters quietly and doesn't say anything. He just stands behind Astor, giving her good thoughts, which she would hopefully pick up.

[Cell 2]: Sorin watches Kainon enter. "Commodore. I see that my information was helpful," he says extremely serenely. "I am glad for that."

Sirac looks behind him as Kainon enters, and nods politely, still not speaking

Astor-Cross clenches and unclenches her hands again a few times, "You didn't answer my question Sorin. Why me? Just because I was nice to you?"

[Cell 2]: Sorin replies without much expression, "I guess you made an impression. Perhaps you came along at the right time in my life. I will treasure the memory forever."

Kainon puts his hand on Aly's shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze. The man isn't nearly as explosive as their first meeting, but it's very clear that while still being strong for Astor, there is still a very deep rooted dislike for the man in the cage. "It's Captain. And regardless of your joy or what you consider help, you are still a weak, cowardly bastard and I will take great pleasure when you spend the rest of your miserable days freezing in hell." Afterward, he leans into Astor's ear to whisper.

Kainon whispers, "Keep it up, Aly. You're doing great, and I just got here."
Kainon whispers something to Astor-Cross.

[Cell 2]: Sorin agrees. "She is doing great."

Senka listens to the ongoing exchange, his expression coldly impassive as he looks at Sorin.

Astor-Cross doesn't acknowledge Kainon verbally but her body language shows that she knows he is there and then she looks at the man and says, "So that gave you the right to stalk me all these years. To obsess over me. To scare me, try to kill my husband. Were you behind my being kidnapped? Did you know they had me locked in a cage for weeks? That they fed me very little? That I wasn't able to shower or change my clothes or anything? Are you pleased with yourself?"

[Cell 2]: "No," Sorin says in a completely new tone, matched with a new emotion of anger and regret. "I did not know you were there. I didn't know."

Telepathy (Sorin): *telling the truth*

Astor-Cross speaks softly, "And if you had known?"

[Cell 2]: Sorin searches with his eyes for an answer to that. It's a difficult one. "I could have tried to buy your freedom, but I don't know if I would have been able to afford it."

Senka's disgust at that reply is mentally obvious to the two Betazoids and possibly to the other Vulcan.

Kainon snaps his head around and looks at Senka while pointing at the cell. "Was he not supposed to be on that damned psylosynene?" Afterwards, he looks into the cell with a snearing smile, "I hope it was all worth it. In fact, I'll personally volunteer taking you to your final stop." After hearing what he had to say, he looks at Astor and says, "Don't fall for that bullshit. He had over three billion credits on him when I caught him."

Astor-Cross asks, "And then what? You would have let me come back here, to my life? My husband? My career?"

Senka turns to Kainon. "I am not certain whether he has received his most recently scheduled dosage. I brought it, Sir."

[Cell 2]: "We could have talked it over," Sorin says quietly and then looks to Kainon. "Do you think that 3 billion would have afforded a Starfleet flag officer? I'm not so sure. It could have been 6 or 7 easily."

Astor-Cross can't help but laugh at the amounts being thown about for her, "I'm worth so much more than 6 or 7 billion credits. And no, we would not have talked about it. I am where I am supposed to be, with my career, my husband and my best friends. You will not take that away from me. I will not live in fear that you are standing just around the corner to take me or worse. I will not let you take my life or .... me ... away from me any longer. This is finished. You are going away and I hope I never see your face again because if I do, no one... no one at all will be able to stop me from killing you." With that she turns around and walks out of the room.

Senka finally speaks to the prisoner. "This discussion is irrelevant. You did not know where she was, you did not willingly surrender your knowledge of the platform's location, and most jejune to the present, you shall never endanger her again."

The door leading to Security slides open.

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