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Calvin Smith
Rank: Lieutenant R-o3.png
Title: Officer, Deep Space Nine
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet

Calvin was born on stardate 38000.0000 to Abraham and Sara Smith in New York City on Earth. Abraham was interstellar Trader and owned his own ship and was not home very often being gone from home for days, weeks and months at times. Sara stayed home and taught Calvin at home instead of sending him to education within the city itself. Sara and Abraham whether through viewscreens, or audio only transmissions both taught and instilled in Calvin their beliefs and Values from the time that he could comprehend such throughout the rest of his life, even at present. When Abraham became of school age Sara began teaching him and yet he wasn't among children of schoolage during normal school hours but also Calvin's parents got permission for him to join in some field trips and other activities. Then the word of the borg came and Abraham returned home at once to evacuate his family once he had heard. He did not have the biggest of trade ships nor the fastest, but could fit the most important items to the family on the ship and Sara continued to teach Calvin. Once the borg war was over and it was decided to send all the survivors of the assimilated planets to Ferasa. Shortly after, the family was moved again to made a new home on Betazed. Reluctantly Abraham and Sara decided to let Calvin go to public school at this time. Figuring it might be best to let Calvin develop his social interaction skills among other skills he may need as well.

Calvin soon began making friends and at his teachers amazement was on average more intelligent than most of his classmates. He continued on most times making the honor roll till he graduated high school at the age of 18. Once A teenager Abraham would take Calvin for weekend trading trips. He taught him the various systems of starships and how to operate them. Also after Abraham was satisfied with the comprehension of knowledge of ships by Calvin he began to let him learn the basics of trading. The training regarding trading would soon end after Calvin told his father he didn't think he liked trading personally for hisself, though didn't mind being able to operate a starship and being able to pilot it as well as he would need to more than likely all the time. Though they still continued the trips to let Calvin have more experience with ships. Calvin continued to have as good of grades as before the trips started in high school graduating in the top 10 percent of his class from high school. Calvin then became Abraham's co-pilot for the next year and half. He then decided he wanted to do something to help fight against the various evils in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, or that could appear there at anytime so he has spent the last six months preparing for the entrance exam to the Starfleet Academy, though he knows a lot about ships he is interested in more areas that may not have been taught him by his father, such as science medical and specialized areas in other areas as well. Though hopes to one day learn as much as possible in all areas and either have his own command, become an instructor, or researcher as well.

Medals awarded:


  • Breen War Ribbon
  • Freedom War Ribbon
  • Letter of Commendation
  • Letter of Distinction
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Weapons Certification
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