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The space combat system on "Where No One Has Gone Before..." is designed to be easy to learn, not too hard to master, but rewarding to those who work at it. Those who know the in and outs of the space system and how everything works and can function together in combat will almost always come out on top. A small ship flown well can defeat a large ship with a crew that doesn't pay close enough attention. Be sure you always use common sense in combat, and use all your assets that are available to you. There are very few situations where there are absolutely one or no options.

Here are a few things that are good to remember about combat:

  1. Warheads (ie: torpedoes) have blast radii. When you fire a torpedo or some other type of warhead, be sure you and your friends are out of range of the weapon's blast, or you'll feel its burn.
  2. Remember to use all the weapons on your ship (or station). Either make passes or spin around so you can expose all the firing arcs to be able to fire all weapons. If you're on a station, hopefully you'll have multiple targets. Feel free to use the target command like crazy to get off as many shots as possible within the shortest amount of time. Watch the episode where DS9 fights the Klingons, and you'll understand. :)
  3. Cloaking devices are powerful in combat. Use them wisely, and to your advantage. Remember, however, that you are vulnerable for a few seconds while cloaking.
  4. Be sure you note the modified beam ranges while at warp. They are multiplied greatly because of the higher speed and severe difficulty of tight maneuvers at high speeds in a text-based environment. Beams can be used at warp to get another ship out of warp. Every time you hit a ship while it's at warp, you degrade its warp field integrity. Eventually, it will fall out of warp.
  5. You can keep a ship at sublight speeds by destabelizing their warp field as they begin to establish it. Every ship must establish a warp field before it can make the jump into warp. Any type of energy discharge on the ship's warp field will disrupt it, and prevent them from going to warp. This is very useful for pirate attacks. Beware!!

Some people don't understand how the arcs work in the space system, so I've prepared a simple graphic to attempt to display them appropriately:

Shiparcs1.JPG Shiparcs2.JPG

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